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I love supermarket shopping. Ever since I can remember, I enjoyed going to the supermarket.  As a child I loved sitting in the front of the shopping trolley, choosing out a treat as we zig-zagged our way through the grocery aisles.  My mother loathed the supermarket when we were growing up, perhaps due to the stresses of juggling 3 kids schedules, a business and keeping the family home running in smooth order.  I always thought that once I entered adulthood, I would suddenly loathe doing a weekly shop too, and maybe if I had 3 kids to deal with, there’s a good possibility I would, but right now, I still adore supermarket shopping.

I simply cannot go on vacation without visiting a supermarket. I find them fascinating.  From the tiny little Italian grocer’s to the huge US department sized stores. I love em all.

I first discovered Whole Foods on a US trip many moons ago.  A store full of so much goodness,  organic this, raw that and everything is displayed to perfection.

Whole Foods Fulham

I’ve been a regular at the Kensington branch since its 2007 opening, with 3 floors to marvel over and provide me with every ingredient I could wish for to lead a healthy lifestyle.

When Whole Foods announced they were opening their new branch in Fulham Broadway, a short walk from where I live, ‘unbelievably excited’ would be an understatement if I was attempting to describe how I felt about the news.  I’ve patiently waited, watching the store sign that said ‘Coming Soon’.  Then a few weeks ago, it changed to ‘Opening April 8’. ‘April 8th’ my brain whirred, okay, that’s not good, I’ve got work scheduled that day, which means I need to visit that evening, and I will have to squeeze my way through the crowds, because of course they’ll be crowds, it’s Whole Foods and who doesn’t like Whole Foods?!

And I was right.

Yesterday evening, Whole Foods Fulham opened, and not only did I have to listen to the football chants of Chelsea fans on my train journey to Fulham Broadway (oh the joys of living near Chelsea Football Stadium), I then pushed my way through the thousands of football fans and finally arrived at the doors of the shiny new store.

It was busy, as in ‘every person in Fulham that considered themselves a health buff, was in there making their first purchase’ busy. I whizzed around, made mental notes, Whatsapp’d The Boy Next Door who’s all the way over in the land of Whole Foods, USA: ‘AMAZING NEWS, Whole Foods Fulham has Mexican Take Out!!!’  That text, is pretty much right up there with one of the best pieces of info anyone could ever tell us.  Mexican Food Addicts right here.

The lines to the check-out were long, so I gave in, and made a promise to return the next day.  So today, I was back, during Ladies who Lunch hours, and like a tourist, I snapped away at all the deliciousness that is for sale under the Whole Foods Fulham roof.

shopping at Whole Foods Fulham

The fruit and vegetable section is an OCD sufferer’s dream, look at those vegetables, stacked so neatly, it’s practically art!

Whole Foods Fulham vegetables

Whole Foods Fulham take away food

Eat in/take out is available, and there are a bunch of options, from a roast dinner, to the aforementioned Mexican, sushi, a salad bar, and the list goes on.

Whole Foods Fulham take out food

Whole Foods Fulham popcorn

The crisp’s section may lead you to have a meltdown on that very aisle floor.  How does one choose, when there’s 2,347 different popcorn options!?

Whole Foods Fulham crisps

Whole Foods Fulham peanuts

Make your own peanut/cashew/almond butter, or choose your favourite frozen fruits! I’m practically hyperventilating at the very thought of how happy this all makes me.

Whole Foods Fulham frozen berries

Whole Foods Fulham Pineapple

Whole Foods Fulham Kale Chips

I know, I know, the mind does conjure up images of all things ‘hippy’ when words like Raw and Organic are spotted around the store.  And I’m not going to lie, these raw Wasabi Wheatgrass Kale Chips are the sort of thing that I think ‘YUM! I absolutely must try those’, but fear not, if that sort of thing makes you feel queasy, Whole Foods have your back yo’!  There’s pizza, cakes, pudding, ice cream, you name it, it’s there.  Choose your poison!

Whole Foods Fulham macaron's

Whole Foods Fulham juices

The juice bar was selling some amazing combo’s, always good for a snack-on-the-run.

Whole Foods Fulham smoothies

Whole Foods Fulham bread

Carb lover’s you’ve been considered too.  There are all manor of breads in the bakery section.

Whole Foods Fulham pizza

Whole Foods Fulham health shop

Oh, and upstairs there is a seating area and a health and beauty section, but the only photo I snapped is the one above, colonic cleanse pills and super greens do not maketh a pretty picture.

Wholefoods Fulham

I’ve made some purchases and there are ingredients for skinny peanut butter bars waiting to be mixed and devoured (recipe to follow, watch this space).

If you want to check the market out for yourself, here are the details….
2-6 Fulham Broadway, London, SW6 1AA
Monday – Friday 8am-10pm (coffee bar opens at 7.30am)
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 11am-5pm (coffee bar opens at 10am)

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