Who Understands Cricket Anyway.

Do you understand cricket? No? Well that makes two of us. All I know is that there is a bat and a ball, a lot of white clothing covered in grass stains, some wickets, and well, yes, I think that’s about it! Oh wait, I also know that the game can take a reeeeaaaally long time. I just have absolutely no idea why.

Last Saturday afternoon I walked down to The Hurlingham Club in Fulham to sunbathe on the sun loungerbe the super supportive cheerleading girlfriend that I am (;oP), and watch The Boy Next Door play an annual cricket game that all his friends get involved in. If you’re a London dweller, you probably recognise the name as the location for Polo in the Park. To give the rest of you an idea, the waiting list for membership at The Hurlingham is a few million light years long, you’ll most likely require a double or triple barrelled surname to even make that waiting list, and I suggest buying a plum from the grocers before entering, and popping it in your mouth to get that perfectly well rounded posh accent that the members possess.

I say the above with tongue in cheek, because whilst it is true that The Hurlingham is rather fancy and posh, it is also stunningly beautiful. I entered the gates, and walked over a bridge with swans swimming below, past the tennis courts and was greeted by the main house, which looks like a mix of a Beverly Hills mansion and the White House.

I then got utterly lost, but by doing so, discovered that the club runs along the side of the Thames river and I also spotted lawn bowls and croquet. Apparently there’s a swimming pool, and a gym and who knows what else, the place is so big I didn’t see it all.

I finally located the cricket ground mid afternoon, where the lads had been playing all day and were stopping for a brief afternoon break.

TBND was up next to bat, so I spent some time snapping away, likely much to his embarrassment but there wasn’t a lot he could do being out on the pitch, hitting the ball and running back and forth.

He ran back and forth for a very long time. The other lads were shouting compliments at TBND. I had absolutely no idea what was going on.

What I can tell you is that the sun loungers at The Hurlingham are unbelievably comfortable, and when the sun showed its face between the cloud cover, I may have shut my eyes a few times to relax and enjoy the warmth. Which didn’t help when TBND’s friends would say to me ‘Did you see that Annmaree? That was a great hit!’, Me: ‘Um, no I didn’t I was looking down!’, Them: ‘He’s doing really well!’. Is he? Okay, wonderful! Ooo ooo the sun’s back out, eyes shut, aaaaaah bliss.

There seemed to be a lot of brief discussions and standing throughout the game. I wonder what they were talking about? Kim and Kanye’s wedding?

Our cool little buddy Charlie was there to cheer on his dad and godfather too.

A couple of hours into TBND running back and forth, the boys explained he’d completed 97 runs already. Apparently that’s good. Yep.

hbqsRS on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

There I am, supportive cheerleading girlfriend, cheering for those 97 runs that TBND just made.

I don’t know what happened next, all I know is that TBND was walking off the cricket pitch, and he was out after 97 runs, so when I showed him the photo above, he was not impressed that I’d taken the shot when it shows just 3 runs. Oops!

I went back to enjoying the sunshine, and soon after the game came to end. I can’t remember who won.

That’s me looking so happy because the game finished and I was starving and I could now go buy some foodTBND had done so well! (;oP)

There he is, Mr 97 runs, giving me his best ‘Do you REALLY need to take a photo now with all these people around?!’ face. Yes, yes I do.

See you next year Hurlingham Club, can’t wait to keep the sun lounger company again!

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