Valentines Day | Hater’s Gonna Hate but I LOVE IT!

Over the past couple of weeks, every blog post I’ve read on Valentines Day is that of someone who is a hater.  They’ve diligently pointed out all the reasons why it is so terrible and how to celebrate and not commiserate on the 14th if you’re A. Single, B. have a V-Day hating other half, or C. Alone on the day.

Well I’m sorry everyone, but I think Valentines Day is fabulous!

Have I ever been on a Valentines date? No. Have I ever been sent flowers on the 14th? No. So why is it then that I refuse to be severely bah-humbug towards this event?

I love to celebrate. Any excuse I can find. Pancake Day. July Fourth. Halloween. Thanksgiving. They are all reasons to throw a dinner party, send cards, eat pancakes til you pop and most importantly have some fun. I do not believe you have to be loved up to celebrate Love!

The best way to celebrate Valentines Day is to play Cupid yourself. Over the years I’ve held dinner parties for friends, we ate sushi by candlelight and finished up with heart shaped brownies. I once covered the entire kitchen and dining room ceiling of my house share with bright pink stickynote hearts to surprise my room mates on Valentines morning. I’ve baked Valentine cupcakes for friends and without fail each year I’ve made Valentines gifts and cards for my nieces, nephews and fairy god daughter.

I make the effort, because I’m A. A major craft nerd. B. I believe in celebrating EVERYTHING and C. It makes each and every one of your recipients smile, and that is the intention at the end of the day!

So, you’ve still got time to come up with a plan, make a little effort and send someone something that will put a smile on their face on the 14th.

If you need some V-Day inspiration, here are some of my favourite links that might help you come up with a plan…


You’re Dynamite Valentine by Sugar & Cloth

This year I’m spending Valentines with THREE very awesome people. The Boy Next Door and my gorgeous friends Tiffany and Shayne who will be here in London on honeymoon. We are going somewhere lovely for dinner and TBND is having a mild anxiety attack at the very thought of being seen in a restaurant on the 14th. I tried to ease his mind by pointing out that we weren’t actually going out for Valentines Day and the only people that could judge us would be the other diners in the restaurant, therefore they’re not really in a position to judge in the first place. That seemed to ease his mind, until a friend of mine pointed out that all those other diner’s would actually think we were swingers, because when do you ever see two couples out for dinner together on V-Day? Oh. Well let them judge!

Happy Valentines Y’all x

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