Urban Hiking in London with Merrell Shoes

urban hiking past Oxford Circus

Nike leggings and Air Max trainers

It was a freezing Friday morning in London, when I set off towards Waterloo for a morning of exercise with a twist.  Merrell Shoes had kindly invited me to go Urban Hiking around the city.

The London Eye

Bundled up in layers of clothing, I met up with my fellow urban hiking team, near the London Eye.

Urban Hiking for Merrell Shoes

Bloggers, journo’s and one of the Merrell Shoes ambassadors were all eager and ready to get moving.

Big Ben and Parliament House in London

We started off, sometime around 8.30am, and what was immediately evident was how scenic this hike was going to be.  We walked past the huge ferris wheel that is the London Eye, and turned the corner to be confronted with the most beautiful view, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Nike leggings and trainers

Big Ben and Parliament House

Merrell hiking boots and trainers

We continued on past 10 Downing Street, a rainbow of Merrell shoes, urban hiking their way along London’s pavements.

urban hiking past Trafalgar Square

A quick stop for a group shot with the girls in Trafalgar Square!

urban hiking Pall Mall

We kept moving, for fear of freezing and never moving again. It was unbelievably cold!

Horse and carriage on Pall Mall

But you do see the most fabulous things along the way!

horses on Pall Mall urban hiking along Pall Mall

Down Pall Mall we head, towards Buckingham Palace.  Hands in pockets and beanies pulled firmly down on heads, but determination to keep going was in the air.

jump shot at Buckingham Palace

And we of course found time for a few royal jump shots.

urban hiking past Oxford Circus

We walked through Green Park, past the stately homes and buildings of Mayfair and weaved our way through the foot traffic of Oxford Circus.  It was around this stage I was beginning to lose the feeling in my feet from the cold!

Urban Hiking up Primrose Hill

Hiking past the zoo, we set our sights on Primrose Hill and climbed to the top for a great view and a few photos.

urban hiking on Primrose Hill

Everyone was still smiling, always a good sign!

Exercising in Hampstead Heath

Some time later we arrived in Hampstead, and entered through the gates to the Heath.  It’s hard to believe such a large stretch of land, and such peace and quiet can exist in busy London.

urban hiking up Hampstead Heath

Making our way up the hill and towards our finish line, we were nearly there!

Urban Hiking with Merrell Shoes on Hampstead Heath

We made it!

Hampstead Heath jump shot

Our urban hiking adventure, thanks to Merrell shoes, from Waterloo to Hampstead Heath was such a fun day.  We saw the best of London whilst burning calories too.  Who says exercise can’t be fun?

the group of women urban hiking for Merrell

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