Truck Stop London

Absolutely the most fun you can have at the end of a busy working week, when the sun shines, you’ve worked your arse off at the gym and eaten clean and healthy, is to turn up at Canary Wharf and check in at Truck Stop London for an evening of Eating Cheating provided by various food trucks parked up in an empty lot.

So that’s exactly what The Boy Next Door and I did on July 5th. The sun was shining, so we made our way by boat along the Thames to our food destination. Tickets checked, Truck Stop dollars in hand, we had a game plan. You cannot enter these sorts of places without a game plan people. Unless you’re not serious about eating of course. Well we are serious about eating and we were treating this like an Olympic event. We were going Pacman style, so we’d done our homework, read about the various food on offer and did a quick recce of the place before joining our first queue.

First stop was Cheeky Italian for Arancini Balls. A-ma-zing. They were bite size versions and every bit as good as any I’ve tried in Italy and Sicily.


Next up was pizza from Born & Raised, holy mother of food goodness, beetroot infused dough?! Yes please!

After having the difficult decision of deciding between Anna Mae’s ‘Kanye Western’ or ‘Spicy Juan’ flavoured Mac n Cheese, we decided to give our stomach’s a little half time break and took a walk around to check out the pop-up bars.


Round two.  Ding Ding Ding.  The ‘Hose A’ hotdog by Engine Hot Dogs was next to be devoured.  I have no words.  It was that good.  I’m still having withdrawals.

And just when you’re thinking ‘Surely they didn’t eat anymore?’. Let me tell you how very wrong you are about that. Do not underestimate us.

Following on from the ‘Hose A’, there was a Jerk Chicken Wrap consumed by The Boy Next Door whilst I munched on Fried Plantain.  And then, as the night came to an end and we walked towards the exit, passing The Breakfast Club truck, we looked at each other, and thought YES, pancakes with bacon and banana at 11pm at night is most certainly a very good idea.  So there were we, arses parked up on a bench, force feeding ourselves, for the grand finale.

I’m terribly sorry digestive system.  However, I can’t promise I won’t punish you again like that, I mean Truck Stop is rolling back into town in August and September, and it would be rude not to attend right?


  1. Love it! Its things like this that make me miss London…..but thats about it ha. Rach xxx

    • HAHAHAHA, I’m a complete London convert, but we can’t all love it I suppose! ;o) x

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