Choose Love Whilst The World Turns Upside Down

Choose Love

Choose Love

I literally cannot believe it.  Another day, another tragedy.  I’ve just read about the church attack in Normandy, France.  Never in my life do I recall a time where each morning when I wake up, another horrific disaster has occurred in the western world.  Unlike other parts of the world, living in the west has always been a privilege, where we didn’t have to worry each day, and we could go about our business mostly carefree.  But not anymore.

There have been so many tragedies in 2016, that I struggle to recall all of them.  That is madness!  And I keep reading articles and hearing people on the news telling us not to give in to fear, because that is exactly what these perpetrators want, for us to be terrified.  But lets be real, it’s pretty hard not to be scared, to not profile everyone on your morning tube commute, or those sat next to you in a crowded space.  I’ve stepped off trains and moved to a different carriage more times than I can count, if something or someone is making me feel uncertain.  I take the ‘I’d rather be safe than sorry approach’.  Yet I feel guilty every time I do it, because I don’t want to be a person that lives in fear, or judges others unfairly.

Choose Love

We’re now living daily with uncertainty.  And uncertainty and fear are two of the hardest things to be at peace with.  Add to that, anxiety disorder, and my mind is running a marathon each day questioning my safety, whether living in London is a good idea, worrying when I enter a large shopping mall, or some other heavily populated area in the city that we’re constantly told are terrorist targets.

But in spite of all the anxiety, uncertainty and fear, I continue on with my day.  I go to the mall, I wander through the tourist filled West End, and other busy London areas.  I catch up with friends, and gossip about everything from work, to travel, to what we’re making for dinner that night.  I talk to strangers, all-the-time, and those moments are often my favourite memory of the day, sharing a laugh with someone you’ve never met.  It reminds me there are so many awesome people in the world.  It keeps my head ‘in the moment’.

The world has gone mad.  I hope it calms down soon.  I hope we have the chance to live with a little less fear and uncertainty.  But for now all we can do is choose love, choose laughter and choose to be in the moment, making the best of what we have for now.  The madness teaches you that life is so damn precious, so I’m doing my best to live it.

Be safe everyone x

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