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I love a good weekend, the one that just passed was definitely one of those and not just because it involved burgers and m&m’s.

I’m curious if any of you celebrated Valentines Day? As I mentioned in my last post, I LOVE VALENTINES DAY! I can’t see what is so wrong with showing how much you love your friends/family/significant other?! I loved this post on my talented friend Alexandria’s blog, talking about her father’s devotion to celebrating February 14th every year, so sweet.

My Valentines Day was perfect in every way. I did try to catch out The Boy Next Door by sending to his work a GIANT poster I’d created and had printed. Unfortunately he recognised my writing on the packaging, so he got away with opening it under his work desk. Next year I’ve threatened to send in a Mariachi Band ;o)

We spent the evening with two of my favourite people, newlyweds on honeymoon, Tiffany and Shayne, all the way from Perth, Australia. We met for dinner at Bar Boulud in the Mandarin Oriental, Knightsbridge for our reunion/wedding celebration/Valentines dinner. I’d eaten there once before, in the very fancy surroundings of the private dining room for a friends birthday, but I was yet to try the much talked about burgers, so I was making a healthy eating exception and determined to try one, all in the name of food research of course.

After much deliberation and group discussion we all settled on our choice of burger, each and every one of us ordering one, it had to be done! I settled on The Piggie, consisting of beef patty, bbq pulled pork,green chili mayonnaise, bibb lettuce, red cabbage slaw and a cheddar bun. To die for? Without a doubt!

The dessert menu was placed in front of us and the Valentines Special was explained. I am a firm believer that calories don’t count on holidays and special occasions, and this was most definitely one of those occasions. We all ordered the V Day special, an amalgamation of all things chocolate and raspberry, encased in a chocolate shell, with the waiter then pouring melting chocolate through the centre. Worth getting fat for? 100% yes.

A lovely evening, and did I get anything for Valentines? Yes! So very spoilt. Yaay for Valentines Day!Dinner and post drinks ended and we all waddled towards the exit a few pounds heavier.

On Saturday evening, we were back on the healthy eating but this never equates to a boring meal. The mission was to make our first ever Vietnamese Summer Rolls, since we have developed huge appetites for Vietnamese food. Using fresh salmon, a variety of raw vegetables and some vermicelli noodles, we chopped, rolled and devoured them, all dipped into a homemade spicy peanut sauce. These are now a firm favourite on the healthy dinner list!

Sunday morning rolled around, and Sunday is always Cheat Day. I had some bananas that were on their last legs and therefore are perfect to use for baking.  Banana pancakes seemed like a sensible choice. Without scales or measuring cups at TBND’s headquarters, I winged it and made up a batch of banana pancake batter.  Stuffed with ricotta and topped with bacon, grilled banana and maple syrup, we were in the happiest of places eating this.

Cheat Day Complete.After all the stormy weather that had been sending UK into a flooding mess, Sunday turned out to be a perfectly sunny winter day. Hooray! We made the most of it, soaking up the rays on a walk around the high street of beautiful, leafy Chiswick in West London. Dinner time was getting closer, so the sensible thing to do was eat pizza followed by m&m’s for dessert.

Roll on this Sunday, I love eating! x

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