The Manicure Party

ombre nail polish

There’s some things in life that girls just love.  Cake. Laughing LOUDLY with friends.  And having their nails done.  So when the invite popped up on my laptop to attend a Manicure Party, there was no thinking twice for me.  RSVP: YES PLEASE!

Organised by my lovely PR friend Natalie, we were invited to her apartment for a day of shellac manicures, good food and laughter.  I couldn’t wait.

nail polish colours

I arrived super late thanks to the trauma of taking a bus instead of the overground.  Why do I never learn!? NEVER take the bus when you need to be somewhere on time.  But then that’s the thing about London, I’m not sure it’s possible to ever be on time.  Because I ended up being the first one there!  Brownie points for me.

It also meant I was first in line for a manicure, yippee!!

shellac manicure

Our manicure guru Chloe, from Hand Me a Rainbow got to work on transforming my nails.

girls lunch

manicure party

Some more Manicure Party attendees arrived and we all oohed and ached over the gazillion colour options and pretty glitter.

hand me a rainbow

But how do you choose which polish colour when there are so many options!?

manicure party

I’m a red shellac nail polish lovin’ gal.  I never stray from it.  But I felt like being a risk taker on this afternoon, and trying something new as Chloe has so many nail design options that I’d never seen before.

nail designs

Finally I settled on my choice of colour.  Except it wasn’t going to be just one colour.  It was going to be two.  Ombre nails in fact!  A dark purple merging into a dark blue.

painting nails

drying nails

If you’ve never had a shellac manicure before, it takes a little longer than your regular manicure.  There’s layer upon layer painted onto your nails, with a lot of drying under a light in between each process.  But the great thing about shellac is that it lasts, for like two weeks!

I am useless when it comes to a regular manicure, I chip it before I’ve even left the salon.  So a shellac manicure is perfect for me.

ombre nail polish

And Voila! The manicure was finally complete.  I’d been nervous about straying from the safety of red polish, but when I saw my ombre nails it was love at first sight.  They were amazing!

having shellac manicure

The hostess with the mostest, Natalie, took a seat and was next to be treated to some pretty nails.

manicure party

nail polish

Natalie was brave.  Having spotted the glittery pots, she went for it, and her nails would have made Elsa from Frozen just a tiny bit jealous.

manicure party

nail painting

So pretty!!

instagram of manicure

And of course, at a Manicure Party, there is the obligatory Instagram photos that must be taken.

caramel brownies

And a Manicure Party wouldn’t be a party without cake.  I glided on over to the kitchen counter, to take a bite of London’s best brownies from Bad Brownie – you may remember me talking about them here when I went to Maltby Street Market.

momofuku crack pie

I’d baked a Crack Pie for the occasion, so we all cut ourselves a slice, and our eyes glazed over in a sugary stupor as we tucked in.  If you want to know more about Crack Pie, and how to make in then you can check out my blog post with the recipe here.

nail painting

Back to the task at hand, there were more nails to make pretty.

nail polish colours

manicure party

Natalie kept glasses full, and wowed us with her afternoon spread of food.

shellac colours

shellac manicure

And finally, all nails were painted and it was time to get cosy on the sofa, and spend the evening in screechy, hysterical laughter.  Because it’s what girls do when they get together. And I truly feel sorry for the neighbours that evening.

The other thing that happens when girls get together, are selfies.  And we selfied til we could selfie no more…..

Roll on the next Manicure Party!  You can contact Chloe here at Hand Me a Rainbow if you too want to have the prettiest nails in London.

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