The Easter Bunny Visits

Easter Sunday = Chocolate, in copious amounts. This is the day kids can stuff their face with goodies and know their parents won’t step in toooo soon to tell them ‘That’s the last one!’.

We had three excited little kids heading towards us on Sunday morning, itching to get out of the car and into the back garden to discover what the Easter Bunny had delivered. TBND + brother + dad, ran around the garden like lunatics hiding the family gifts amongst the chocolate loot the Easter Bunny had already hidden.









Soon after three little munchkins and their mum arrived, and they were armed and ready with Easter baskets to fill. We head into the back garden and they were off, running every which way to discover treats with their name on them.

Mother Nature decided to get in on the act, and the heavens opened up with a downpour of rain. Raincoats on, it was a sprint to the finish to collect all the goodies. And for the record, in case any of you noticed, the Easter Bunny did not hide bottles of wine in the garden for the kids! Isabella was being a super helper when the rain came down and grabbing whatever she could find. Good, I’m glad we cleared that up. Now we can carry on….

Not a peep was heard from the three egg hunters for awhile, except for the rustle of coloured foil and the munching of chocolate.

As you can see, if a storm had arrived, or Somerset had decided to flood again like it did this past winter, we would have been able to survive for a good while on all those sugary treats.

Champagne corks popped, we also had a birthday to celebrate…

Miss Sophie had turned the grand old age of six in April and therefore cake was a necessary part of the days agenda. I have to admit, this was Take 2 of the cake baking. Take 1, was a complete disaster, but at the same time the most beautiful mess I’d ever created. I had followed a recipe online for a chocolate cake, that turned out not to be a cake but a chewy, gooey brownie, that I flat out refused to serve to the birthday girl. Take 2, was much more successful, a recreation of her Uncle TBND’s cake I’d made for his birthday, Banana Chocolate Chip Surprise Cake. What happened to Take 1? Dessert that evening. What a shame! ;o)

Yes that is a cake cutting saw!

Typical female, look how wide that smile is when she discovered clothes and shoes amongst the birthday wrapping paper.

Cake cut, presents opened, and before too much chocolate was eaten, we prepared for lunch. Roast pork and vegetables. Don’t mind if I do!

Seven year old Isabella always takes on the responsibility of place names when we sit down for meals at the table. They arrange the place settings, and I seem to always find myself sat between her and Sophie. Apparently they like me! ;o)

Little Jack and his mummy Lisa.

After we waved goodbye to Lisa and the kids, it was time to sit down and do more of nothing. Some backgammon and more indulging in easter eggs.

TBND and I took an evening stroll down the lane. The mist had started to roll in, and it was an stunning setting to see.

All I wanted for Easter were some bunny ears. ¬†TBND bought me the ones I’m wearing, and I didn’t take them off until bedtime. Me? Forever a kid? No denying it.

As we walked along the lane we came across a herd of cows, who much to my amusement, were fixated on us. When I shouted ‘Hello everyone!’, they all moo’ed back as if they were telling us how their day had been.

We walked further down the lane, and the whole herd ran alongside us. So sweet!

I’m looking a little nervous, as they were all pushing their noses through the gate to sniff me, but I was worried I might lose my hand to a hungry cow!

Another Easter was over, and I had reached my sugar limit, swearing I didn’t want to see chocolate for another year. This however, did not stop me from inhaling the burger in the photo below, one of my absolute favourites from the The Stapleton Arms in Dorset.

I hope you all had a great Easter! x

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