Thanksgiving | Pumpkin Pie & Pals

Another year, another successful Thanksgiving dinner party. Who says you have to be American to celebrate this occasion? That’s definitely not a rule I obey. Thanksgiving to me, is the perfect excuse to invite a group of friends over, for some QT and to eat sweet potato topped with marshmallows alongside your main meal, followed by mountains of dessert.

I stick to the same format each year: friends are invited, the RSVP’s come in and each person is allocated a particular item to cook.  We end up with:

Cornbread * Roast Chicken (we don’t bother with Turkey, this is Thanksgiving OUR WAY) * Roast Vegetables * Stuffing * Green Bean Casserole with Fried Onions * Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows * Cranberry Sauce * Gravy * Pumpkin Pie * Magnolia Banana Pudding

And the night would not be complete without surprise treats and take home goody bags.  I recently mastered the skill of making fortune cookies, however they seemed too predictable so I went with ‘Oh How Unfortunate!’ Cookies, which you can learn to make here.

For my friends to have something to take home, I made Cookie Dough to Go and you can learn to make these here.


We overate, we laughed at my friends who turned up dressed as women, we overate some more, told ridiculous stories, and then ate dessert.  All in all a successful night.

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