Sun’s Out. Gun’s Out | 5 Things that Happen When the Sun Shines in London

Well, well, well. Look who’s showed up all warm and cheery in the UK’s capital. Hello Sunshine! I’m currently sat on the second floor of a Notting Hill apartment off the Portobello Road, and I see blue skies, minimal cloud cover and sun blazing down.

BBC Weather tells me it’s currently 15°c. 15?! On March 7th? I’ll take it, thank you very much! According to the weather forecast, we will also have sunshine and 15°c on Sunday.  

London will well and truly wake up over the weekend.  Hibernation is over.  Out the residents will come and despite it not exactly being summer temperatures these 5 things are guaranteed to happen:

1. The smell of barbecuing.  Literally the moment the sun turns up and sticks around for an afternoon, you will smell that amazing aroma of a bbq cooking away, be it at someone’s home, in a park or at a pub.

2. Everyone will wear t shirts.  The air will still actually have a slight chill to it, but Londoner’s do not care.  They see sunshine.  They strip off.

3. Hardcore indie coffee lovers will suddenly go mainstream and Starbucks lines will be out the door.  Sunshine?  Well obviously that means it’s time to ditch the coffees and get a skinny soya decaf mocha frappuccino right?  (Word of warning, whatever you do, avoid the Knightsbridge Starbucks like the plague, it’s the closest one to Hyde Park, and the sun will have gone to bed by the time you wait in line along with EVERYONE else).

4.  London’s population will literally double over night.  Pubs will have patrons spilling out onto the sidewalks, space will be a premium in all the parks and you’ll have less chance reserving a table for Sunday brunch than you would winning the lottery.  

5. Everyone will be HAPPY!  Hallelujah!  Amazing what the sunshine can do to people.  They suddenly remember how to smile and have a good time.

24 hours Londoner’s.  That’s all we are being given on Sunday to complete the above 5 tasks.  Come Monday, it will be 11 and cloudy, so make the most of those burgers and pints whilst standing on the pub sidewalk, in your t shirt, wondering what on earth that stranger is smiling at you for.


    • Come on over Elese! I see you’re from New Zealand! There are plenty of us here, so you would feel right at home. London was AMAZING this weekend, the weather was perfect and it is a stunning city to enjoy on a sunny day x

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