Sunday | Sunshine and a Barbeque

Sunshine on Saturday AND Sunday this past weekend! So there was no way we were declining an invitation to our first BBQ of the season on Sunday.

A whizz around Wholefoods to pick up supplies, with anything and everything that said ‘Gluten Free’ on the packet being thrown in the shopping basket, we were finally on our way.

Sunday barbecues, sitting in the back garden with friends, is always a good idea. The sunshine beat down as we devoured bbq chicken, and salads and I devoured gluten free sausages on a gluten free bun. Oh how life has changed with the elimination of gluten recently.


Dessert was not forgotten! Macarons, Sea Salt Caramel Marshmallows and Frozen Yoghurt.

These Baru chocolate marshmallows were amazing, and you can purchase them at Wholefoods.

Chocolate macarons are always a good choice!

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The smallest of our gang, little Charlie, finally woke from his nap and came out to enjoy the party too.

The boys!, Dad, Uncle TBND and godson Charlie having a catch up.

Charlie decided to get in on the macaron action too….

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Judging by that face, I think he liked it, and is clearly saving that little crumb on the corner of his mouth for later.

Lunch devoured, bellies full, Sunday was coming to an end and we said our goodbyes. Fingers crossed for more sunny Sundays and bbq’s over the next few months!

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