Sunday Lunch | Franco Manca & Outsider Tart

London forgot to let the sun shine today. It’s been colder than usual and extremely overcast. One of those days when it can make you feel tired and kinda grumpy. Thankfully I had made plans, so there was no time to wallow in any gloomy day moodiness. I even dragged myself to the gym first thing this morning, all in the name of making space for what I just knew was going to be a delicious lunch.

I’d been hearing many a good word spoken about Franco Manca and their wood fired sourdough pizza’s, so I decided it was time I went to go and investigate.

My tall friend Jane and my short friend Harris both joined me at the Chiswick branch of Franco Manca for lunch today. We were all starving customers looking forward to our pizza lunch. I settled on a pizza with Gloucester Old Spot Ham, Mozzarella, Buffalo Ricotta and switched the Wild Mushrooms for extra Tomato Sauce, and at £6.85, this is the best price I’ve encountered for a really good pizza, outside of Italy. Harris had a much more simple request for his order – ‘Cheese!’, fair enough!

Our food arrived quickly and I wasted no time tucking in. The dough was delicious, the pizza was cheesy and fully of flavour. I was already half way through my meal and wondering how greedy it would be to order another.

It’s difficult to please a 3 year old when it comes to food, but as you can see by these photos, Harris was won over by his ‘Cheese Pizza’.

I restrained myself from ordering a second, but made a mental note to return to Franco Manca very soon. They have 7 locations around London and the Chiswick branch even have a pizza class every second Monday afternoon (bookings essential).

Do yourself a favour, if you’re a pizza fan, go, with a hearty appetite, trust me you’ll be pleased you did.

Rather conveniently, the American bakery Outsider Tart is located across the road from Franco Manca, and well seeing it was Sunday, and I believe in treats on a Sunday, I felt it was my duty to pay a little visit to this delicious store, owned by two guys from New York.

One of the staff members ran me through a description of every single cake. It started with a Twinkie cake, and I kinda glazed over in a coma of sugar happiness, as words such as marshmallow, caramel and peanut butter were spoken. How does one who has a life long sugar addiction possibly make a choice in such a difficult situation!?

I settle on two choices, one cake with a brownie bottom and cookie dough top and I can assure you it was even more delicious than it sounds, if you could believe that was possible. The second, has peanut butter and marshmallow and I can’t quite remember what else as I was in my sugar glazed coma by that stage. It’s waiting ever so patiently for me to devour it this evening.

Which leads me to the most important question of the day. Why I am here typing, when there is dessert sitting on my kitchen counter waiting to be eaten??? Excuse me, I have business to attend to.

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