No. 10 is one of the few locations in the world that someone knows what you’re talking about without having to give the full address.  But it’s No. 9 that you really must find out about and experience.

9 Conduit Street, London W1S 2XG.

I like to take people here to see their eyes widen.

My mum even has her Facebook profile photo set as her sitting at No. 9.

My dad was intrigued by the restroom.

Never has a friend been disappointed with their experience at No. 9.

No.  This is not a brothel.

sketch is the amalgamation of art, music and food, set amongst interior design awesomeness, toilets shaped like giant egg pods, and the most amazing cakes you’ll ever set eyes on.  All of which you wish you could fit in your hand bag and make a swift exit with a sly look on your face.

Floating around the building, are restaurants, bars, some Michelin stars and the fabulous Parlour, which became the meeting place recently for five of us bloggers that are due to enter the sparkly world of Gala Darling, Rock n Roll Bride and Nubby Twiglet, three prolific bloggers who have opened up a bloggers dream – a school called The Blogcademy. We are all due to take a two day course in January with these ladies, to sharpen our blogging tools, so a pre-meet sounded like a good idea and alas I insisted it must be in The Parlour.

Sketch staff rock my boat. Every time single time I’ve entered through the magical Parlour doors for coffee, cake, cocktails or the most kick-arse afternoon tea one could wish for, the staff have been attentive to my every need. Our lovely waitress took us over to the glass cabinet of cake heaven, to describe every slice in detail. She checked on us every so often. A rarity in London! From the efficient reservationists that always reply to my emails within hours, to the Twitter Elves, who quite frankly are
 as crazy as me and make me laugh out loud inappropriately in public space during our tweeting tennis conversations.

You simply have to experience sketch.  Why anyone would stop at a Costa whilst shopping in the west end when they could be sat like royalty at No. 9, is beyond me! 

I’m very much looking forward to seeing my VIP name plaque erected on the side of one of the egg pods soon. The Twitter Elves promised me – but then elves can be cheeky little things. ;o)

#No.9 – get that trending!

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