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Happy Monday everyone, although to be fair, Monday is nearly over, but I’ve been rushing around this morning and finally have a chance to write a post.

I hope you all had a good weekend?  I certainly did!

Those of you that have seen my latest Instagram photos will know I’ve recently become a fan of longboarding.  The skateboarding kind, not the surfing kind.  I’d bought The Boy Next Door a board last Christmas, after listening to many a story of all the fun he had skateboarding in his younger years.  We finally pulled it out of the cupboard a week ago, and after stepping on the longboard and testing it out, up and down our street, I was immediately hooked.

So of course, I bought one myself.


It arrived Thursday last week, and I finally had a chance to take it to the park on Saturday afternoon.  Learning to ride is equal parts frustrating and thrilling.  But it has been a looooong time since I have enjoyed something so immensely.  Who knew I was a closet skater girl?  I mean I played around with my brother’s skateboard back in the eighties, but never really had a clue what I was doing!  It kinda took me by surprise that I became hooked on this new hobby of mine so quickly!

I raced home yesterday afternoon after a truly lovely day with a girlfriend of mine, threw off my girly dress, pulled on jeans and trainers, grabbed my board and head out into the late afternoon sun.  The Boy Next Door has been my patient, encouraging longboard teacher and with his careful instructions and my utter determination to always be good at everything I try (perfectionist right here!), I’ve already mastered the art of carving (that’s swerving left and right) whilst going downhill!  I’m seriously proud of myself!

skater girl

I notice people glance as I whizz past, and I don’t know if that’s because they’re thinking ‘Wow she’s a little old to be on a skateboard’ or ‘A FEMALE on a skateboard?!’.  Whichever it is, I am happy to be an older, female skateboarding lover, because as my mother said about my new hobby ‘Skateboarding, good on you, you only live once’.

Sometimes in life there is this idea put upon us, that we can only do certain things based on age or gender.  If we always listen and follow that rule, we may just miss out on the things that make us the most fulfilled.  And on that note, I think I might go for a quick skate.

Do what makes you happy! x


    • One of the last times I did that was with you, Lisa and Haydn, that time we stayed at your mum’s and you dislocated your shoulder and rode all the way down the mountain to get it popped back in. Still impressed. I think my new life motto is ‘What would Bruce do?’ hahaha.

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