Shake Shack Covent Garden | From NYC to London

London has been the receiver of many a US import over the past 12 months. From clothing stores to restaurants, the UK’s capital is starting to get up to speed with all the reasons we love to fly to New York – Balthazar, West Elm and of course Shake Shack.

I first discovered Shake Shack on a trip to NYC. I was staying close to Madison Square Park, its NYC location, and spent a perfect summers evening, surrounded by fairy lights, whilst devouring one of their Frozen Custards. I was sold. On a return trip, I ‘trekked’ through the snow, and stood in the cold just to enjoy a hot dog. Needless to say, I am a Shake Shack fan.

When news hit that they would be opening in Covent Garden’s Market Building, I was one very happy customer. Knowing the hype that would surround the opening and exactly how long the queues would be to place your order, I patiently waited and only made my first visit to Shake Shack a couple of weeks ago. My order was taken within 3 minutes, my food was ready in 5. It was worth the wait.

My first bite into a ShackBurger and I was already plotting my return visit. The bun. The cheese. The ShackSauce. Every single bite was a little piece of food heaven.

Smaller than a burger you would order in a gourmet burger restaurant. This suited me perfectly. Don’t get me wrong, I love gourmet burger’s, but I wasn’t born with the jaw dislocating abilities of a snake, so for the first time, I did not have to use a knife and fork to devour my burger! Small enough to eat with your hands, yet big enough to feel satisfied.

The crinkle cut fries are unbelievably good too. It makes a nice change from the regular fries most burger joints like to serve. The fries can be ordered plain or with cheese sauce. On my first visit my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I went for the cheese fries. But I’m only 5ft 2, slightly too pint sized to stomach both the burger and the cheese fries without feeling like maybe I should’ve ordered a little more sensibly. We live and learn! Yesterday, on my second visit, I went for good ol’ regular fries. I did look longingly at fellow customers who opted for the cheese sauce, because it is simply delicious, but my more sensible ordering was enough to feel completely satisfied.

Here in London, we don’t have the stunning view of the park and the Flat Iron Buildingthat NYC gets to enjoy. But we do have opera singers. Yes, actual, real life, opera singers. The Shake Shack dining area is situated within the Market Building of Covent Garden, a grand structure, that is always full of live entertainment, including the opera singers. Kind of a nice way to spend some time devouring a burger you will reminisce about for days after.

Will I be heading back soon to work my way through the menu a little more? One word. YES. Who’s joining me?

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