Raw Apple Cider Vinegar | My New Morning Routine

raw apple cider vinegar

I’m on a mission.  A heath mission.  And it involves drinking raw apple cider vinegar.

It’s worse than it sounds.  I mean, has anyone ever tried drinking this stuff? EURGH!!  Cough, splutter!  I’m blaming the nutrionist at Whole Foods, the person that added this to my repertoire of vitamins and supplements I’m now consuming multiple times on a daily basis, along with NO tap water, NO sugar, NO dairy and NO bread.

I hear you gasping.  I know what you’re thinking.  ‘Why Annmaree? Why would you do that to yourself?’, and your concern is a valid one.  There’s not much that screams fun about the above two sentences!

raw apple cider vinegar

But I’ve been putting off this necessary health boost to my body for so long, that enough was enough and I need to suffer the consequences of that awful acidic feeling as the apple cider slides down my throat each morning.  I need to suffer the ghastly taste that is a pH balancing powder I stir into water and drink as quickly as possible to reduce the nightmare.  And then there’s all the supplements, magnesium, vitamin c, probiotics, and B-complex to knock back too.

Deciding to get my mind and body in better working order was the motivation behind all this.  I suffer digestive issues ranging from gluten intolerance, problems with dairy, an awful intolerance to soya back in 2013 (it had me on an inhaler with a rash across my neck akin to a burn!), and a lifelong battle with IBS.  As the months tick by, I find myself becoming intolerant to something new constantly.  Banana’s were causing a skin rash, and the latest is trying to narrow down what on earth is causing my teenage-esque skin issues, which I suspect could either be tomatoes or strawberries.

So it’s fair to say, something isn’t working right.  And once your digestive tract is out of whack, the rest of your body likes to get in on the act too!  80% of your immune system and 95% of your serotonin lies in your gut.  Did you know that?  It’s insane!  So I’m hitting the bad guys where it hurts, with vitamins and probiotics.  I’m literally sending in an army of the good guys!

This led to my morning tablespoon full of raw apple cider vinegar.  And what creeps me out the most, is not the hideous taste, but the fact the label says ‘Contains The Mother’.  It sounds like a horror movie!  And guess what, it definitely contains ‘The Mother’, in the form of a giant floating glob of good bacteria. Seriously disgusting!  You have to shake that mother up to get her to disperse before taking a swig.  As hideous as it looks, there is a kickarse amount of good bacteria amongst that mother, that goes into your body and straight to the bad guys to kick the hell out of them.  Sounds violent.  It is.

So wish me luck, I’m on this good health mission for awhile!  Has anyone else tried Raw Apple Cider Vinegar?

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