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Happy New Year!  I know I’m ten days late in saying that, and I wrote a blog post on January 4th and didn’t even mention the New Year, so oops, and yeah HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’ve been back at work since December 27th after a much needed lazy four night Christmas break in France with friends.  So unlike some who just went back to work yesterday, I’m well and truly back into the swing of things and feel like I’m knee deep in 2017 already.

So much is going on all at once right now, that I haven’t been able to pay much attention to my blog, and my Instagram page hasn’t been updated in five days *insert Macaulay Culkin’s scared Home Alone face here.  I’ve given notice on my flat and am moving out in two weeks, I’m going to New Zealand for a month in three weeks, and my current work contract ends at the same time, so I’m juggling a million balls at once, whilst trying to focus on what I want to get out of 2017.

I have a list on the Notes App on my iPhone with New Years Resolutions dating from 2014 onwards.  I love to add to it each year with new goals and to-do lists, whilst being able to look back on what I succeeded in achieving.  

I never make just one New Years Resolution, it feels like that’s so much pressure to put on yourself and it sets yourself up for disappointment if you don’t ‘succeed’.  Instead I make a list of things I’d like to experience or complete.  I have a health and fitness, cooking, travel, London and ‘other’ section on my list.  I make notes under each heading with goals such as ‘cook ten new recipes from your cookbooks’, ‘stick to your current workout plan and increase running distance’.  Simple stuff really.  Things that I enjoy doing, but give me something to focus on.  I list a bunch of places I’d like to travel to each year, knowing I won’t get to all of them, but it helps me focus on saving and planning for some of them.  I also write a list of places I’d like to visit within London, from parks to restaurants, and then when I’m scratching my head looking for something to do on the weekend, I can refer to my list.


So let’s talk about 2016 first. I mean, what can I say, nearly everyone you talk to was hanging out for that year to come to an end.  A lot of crazy stuff happened on our planet, and here’s hoping 2017 brings a little more peace.  But I’m going to focus on the positives of 2016 and here’s some of my highlights:

  • Visiting Stockholm in March
  • Three weeks in NYC in April
  • Working on an amazing tv project for New Zealand screens, which helped me reconnect with my homeland and meet the most inspiring people whilst working alongside one of New Zealand’s most loved presenters.  I’m forever grateful for this opportunity!
  • Visting Venice in June
  • Hitting midway through the year and feeling so good about my consistent health and fitness commitments.  There is a lot of ‘fit shaming’ out there, so I don’t talk too much about fitness on here, but damn it I’m proud of myself for dragging my sorry arse to the gym as much as I do and sticking with it!
  • Visiting the Amalfi Coast in August
  • Signing on the dotted line with my current work contract, working for another successful and wonderful Kiwi!
  • Booking my flight to New Zealand
  • Spending Christmas with friends in France
  • A fun New Years Eve in London with The Boy Next Door and friends to say Adios to 2016 and Heyyyyy to 2017

That’s a pretty decent list I think!

2016 had its moments for me and those moments are what have made me focus on that very famous line as one of my 2017 Resolutions: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.  Alongside all my travel plans, cooking, health and fitness goals, I am reminding myself daily to kick fear in the face.  Being a major anxiety sufferer for as long as I can remember, I have an awful tendency to look at uncertainty, see all the possible things that might go wrong, focus on them, and absolutely freak out.  I am a professional at this.  But I’d rather not be!

Today whilst at the gym, one of the trainers told me that his five year old daughter had been struggling at night because she was scared that monsters might come into her room.  He advised her that if she saw a monster she’s to fight them off, kick them if she has to.  She took her dad’s advice (also suggesting she would bend their fingers backwards and throw them down the stairs hah!) and since then, no monsters have turned up in her bedroom at night.  She no longer feared the monsters, and was ready for them if they came to visit.  That’s basically anxiety in a nutshell, an imaginary monster that we try to run from for fear of what might happen if we come face to face with it.  So this year, I’m facing those monsters and will do my best to bend their fingers backwards and throw them down the stairs!  I’ve no way to predict the outcome, but at least I won’t be afraid!


I’m looking forward to this year and what adventures come my way.  In three weeks I’ll be back in New Zealand, soaking up the sun, seeing family and friends and showing The Boy Next Door around my homeland.  I’ve no idea what 2017 has in store for me, so let’s see what unfolds.

I hope 2017 is full of happy moments, challenges and adventures for all of you!

Annmaree x

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