My Final Week in New Zealand

full moon at eastern beach

georgie pie steak mince and cheese pieMy final week of vacation in New Zealand had quickly crept up on me.  My fourth and final week, was spent soaking up sunshine, devouring favourite foods (see Georgie Pie pic above!) and catching up with friends.

in the eighties

I also chuckled my way through childhood photo’s.  That’s me on the right, and my cousin on the left, chilling out, giving our doll’s a bath and catching some rays.

baby at the beach

A beach lover from an early age too.

toddler at the beach

Yep there I am again.

swimming at the beach

And again.

monkey statue

And taking life very seriously in this one.

skinny latte

I crammed in catch up’s with as many friends as I could in my final week.

my friends at a cafe

Chatting over coffee and generally getting my fill of conversation and laughter to keep me going until my next trip to New Zealand.

drinking coffee

waffles for breakfast

The kids were distracted into silence by giant plates of waffles as the adults shared stories and reminisced over high school days.

friends in new zealand

And that’s always the great thing about friends you’ve known for so long.  Time goes by, but when you see each other it’s like nothing ever changed.  The same in-jokes, the same familiarity.  That’s what makes a great friend.

grangers restaurant

On my last evening in New Zealand, I head down to the local marina with my parents for dinner.  We settled on Granger’s Taphouse & Kitchen, located in Half Moon Bay, Auckland.

grangers menu auckland

A casual dining house with a great menu, we immediately started to peruse the options.


aperol spritz cocktail

Cocktails were ordered as we sat next to the window, in the early evening light, awaiting our meals.

grangers cocktail

pumpkin and ricotta filo

Our food arrived and it all looked so good.  I went for a burger, but helped my mum finish off this amazing Pumpkin and Feta filo dish.

interior of grangers

grangers taphouse deconstructed cheesecake

And I wasn’t about to count calories when I saw the deconstructed cheesecake on the menu.  A sweet ending to a delicious dinner.

full moon at eastern beach

The moon rose and night fell.  I lay my head on my pillow one last time, and before I knew it I was London bound, with ants in my pants and 27 hours of impatience, knowing The Boy Next Door would be standing at the arrivals hall in Heathrow.

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