My Birthday | NYC, Nobu & A Night To Remember


It’s been a little over two weeks since I celebrated my birthday, but I’m only just getting around to posting about it!

I love birthdays.  My birthday and other peoples birthdays.  I mean, there’s cake involved, so what’s not to love?


And speaking of cake, that’s exactly where I will begin….

It was a dreary, overcast Tuesday on my August 26th birthday. So much for celebrating during summer!  I opened gifts sent from my family in the morning, skyped my parents and went for a manicure mid afternoon.

TBND escaped work early and the first thing he gave me was cake.  Not a piece of cake.  A whole cake.  And not just any cake.  It was the BEST CAKE IN THE WORLD, my favourite, from Tinto Cafe in Fulham.  I will eat my lovely new winter hat if you can find me carrot cake that tastes better than this one. You won’t, I’m that confident about it.

He sang ‘Happy Birthday’, I blew out candles, and cut large pieces at lightning speed, devouring the whole slice in minutes.


Cake consumed, I moved my attention to the mountain of gifts piled on the table for me.



I spent the next 30 minutes alternating between laughing, ‘Oh My Goodness!’ing, and even crying.  But we’ll get to the presents later.



The evening plans had been all in TBND’s hands.  So I knew whatever he’d decided we were doing, it would be good.  And it wasn’t just good, it was awesome.

It started with pre-dinner drinks at the very beautiful Galvin at Windows, located in the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane.



The bar is gorgeous.  Very elegant and feels very ‘grown up’.


And then there are the views.  Hence the name ‘Galvin at Windows’.  Gorgeous views as far as the eye can see over London.



The drinks menu was vast, but we eventually made our choices and they soon arrived.




Cheers to me!




More drinks were ordered and this time it came with a syringe full of liquor. Amazing!


Our dinner reservation was fast approaching and so we made our way through the streets of Mayfair, and I realised just how much I love trainers more than I love high heels.  My poor aching feet!


We arrived at one of my all time favourite restaurants.  Nobu. Only my third visit, but it is truly some of the best food you can ever have the pleasure of eating.


Just as it was difficult to decide which drinks to order at Galvin at Windows, Nobu provided much the same issue.  Everything sounds amazing, and everything IS amazing, so it’s hard to narrow down the options.

We had a fantastic waiter who worked so hard to make sure I could enjoy my meal sans gluten.  Quite a task in a Japanese restaurant!


The food started to arrive and I really have no words to describe how delicious it was.  The wagyu beef (above) was so good!



Spicy Tuna with Crispy Rice was hands down both our favourite dish of the evening.  I want to eat that, and only that forever!


The Sushi Rolls were deeeeelicious!  As were all the other dishes that I forgot to photograph because I ate the food too quickly and greedily.


Usually I would be good on a week night, definitely no dessert! But it was my birthday, and calories do not count on your birthday people.

It took me half a second to choose the chocolate fondant with matcha ice cream, when I found out it was gluten free.


Not too sweet, more a dense cocoa taste, it was amazing and the perfect end to my birthday.

The next day more gifts arrived in the post, and then I photo-documented all of them, because I love presents!….


My fairy god-daughter sent me some Havaiana’s and her favourite colour of Dolce & Gabbana nail polish, did I mention she’s two years old?  And what a beautiful personalised scribble on the Typo bag!


She also spoilt me with the Hello Kitty Goodies and the most delicious Raw Chocolate from Melbourne based company Pana Chocolate.



Whilst I photographed gifts, I had a wee tiny piece of my birthday cake, because it is so damn good and impossible to resist!



The gifts from TBND were so amazing and so perfect, starting with The Good Life cap.



Aperol to pour in the most beautiful of Riedel glasses!


A GLUTEN FREE COOKBOOK!  This makes me very, very happy!


A personalised iPhone Cover! Eeeee! It’s So Cute!


If y’all haven’t heard of Tom Dixon yet, you need to change that pronto.  He designs the most beautiful of pieces and I’m now the proud owner of these matte gold bowls.


And as I opened the last gift, which I assumed was this Wallpaper Guide to NYC, no more, no less, I was informed that my birthday would continue in NYC at a later date.

And that is most definitely when I cried.

Was I dreaming?  No!  NYC will be getting another visit from me AND TBND very soon.  I am so excited and the list of places to visit is growing everyday.


Not sure about these British Airways Terms though?!


With my life long sweet tooth, candy is always a safe bet. Birthday Cake M&M’s?!  Yes please!



So many chocolates, sweets and treats to consume.  Hooray!


And last but by no means least, these Wonder Woman socks, complete with capes, thank you very much.  Do you own socks this amazing?  No, I didn’t think so.

More gifts from family and friends were opened and I was thoroughly spoilt.  An amazing birthday to remember, and to continue celebrating in NYC.

Feeling lucky x

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