Mr Brainwash | A Graffiti Exhibition

Mr Brainwash exhibition

I watched Banksy’s documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ last year, and quickly became captivated by the little Frenchman who steals the limelight. This little Frenchman is none other than the hottest new street artist Mr Brainwash.

Graffiti by Mr Brainwash

Surrounded by conspiracy theories that Mr Brainwash is a prank pulled by the Godfather of street art, Banksy, and that the work is actually created by Banksy and not MBW remains an unsolved mystery.

When I discovered Mr Brainwash was hosting an exhibition of his work in London recently, I could barely contain my excitement.  I must have been a break dancing, graffiti loving skater in my past life, because street art and graffiti are most definately one of my biggest loves, actually so is break dancing. And skaters.

Like a kid in a candy store, I bounded around the show, not knowing what to marvel at first.  And then I saw him, Mr Brainwash himself, this was more exciting than my Como holiday with Clooney!  I was not leaving without snapping a photo of the artist and I!

Mr Brainwash

I grabbed the opportunity as soon as he was free! Mr BW and I!

Mona Lisa by Mr Brainwash

The exhibition is open in London until August 31, and to find out more about MBW click here.

Mr Brainwash exhibition

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