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Two of London’s coolest new food spots.  I hit both locations in 36 hours.  Now that’s a heart attack waiting to happen right there.

Diner food. If it’s cooked right, there’s no denying it’s good. And yes, it’s more or less a guarantee that post food consumption you’ll swear to yourself NEVER AGAIN due to the food baby agony. But who are you kidding? Only yourself. We all know in reality, after the food comedown, you’ll be craving a hamburger high again soon enough.

The hotdog and hamburger comeback craze is rapidly gathering speed around the world. News of food trucks, who’s location can only be tracked down via Twitter now seems more normal than novelty.  Diners popping up that entice the young and hip with restaurant names such as Bubbledogs, which serves hotdog’s and champagne, or Shrimpy’s, a converted gas station now serving soft shell crab burgers in Kings Cross, London.

Last Saturday, I decided it was time to find out for myself just how good these restaurants that don’t allow reservations, and have you queueing for anything up to two hours really are. With my Aussie friend in town, we made a beeline for MEATmarket in Covent Garden.

After consulting Google maps on our trusty iPhone’s we soon located the entrance and ascended the stairs. Passing ugly posters of chicken burgers and what not, purposely put on the walls to make you think Huh?!, my friend later admitted she was secretly wondering where on Earth I was taking her. Turning the corner into the diner complete with neon signs and exposed beams, we soon realised we’d stumbled upon the epitome of diner coolness.

A quick discussion over the menu, we settled on Poppaz – deep fried jalapeno cheese bites,  and Rippers – deep fried bacon wrapped pork hot dogs, complete with mustard, onions, danish sauce (whatever that is!) and spicy relish.

The food arrived, and for the next 10 minutes the conversation went like this:
Mmmm. Soooo good. Yum. Oh my daaaaays! Seriously, this is the best hot dog of my life. Mmmm. Ohhh. I have no words! Yum. Mmmmm. Oooo I’m starting to feel a bit sick.

It was beyond good. I can’t describe just how good. It was the Louis Vuitton of hot dogs, that’s how good it was. In fact we were so impressed, that 36 hours later, we found ourselves lining up at their sister restaurant MEATliquor, where I managed to consume cheese fries and a Green Chilli Cheeseburger. My poor wee arteries.

Am I going back?  What a ridiculous question! Of course I am!

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