Love Me a Good Weekend

I love a good weekend. You know the kind that mean you don’t even mind getting up for work on Monday?  That’s how my weekend just gone panned out. It did involve unexpected work, and the looking after of my two boys I used to nanny many moons ago, but that’s hardly work to be honest, we watched YouTube videos and invited The Boy Next Door over to have Itsu sushi with us. There are worse ways to spend a Friday night.

I’ve got to admit, last weekend was what evil twin Aimee and I would describe as ‘Eating London’.  You see there was this one weekend a couple of years ago, that we call ‘The Day We Ate London’.  We went to food markets, candy stores, Chipotle and ended up at the Chocolate Festival on Southbank, oink oink!  I didn’t quite put in the same dedication as I did on that day with Aimee, but she would have been proud nonetheless!

So what made my weekend so good?

  • Chipotle Soho for lunch with The Boy Next Door.  We share a sick Chipotle obsession.
  • Stepping into the wonderful world of Paul A Young post Chipotle and TBND completely losing all sense of reason after one sniff of the chocolate aroma that fills the store, then giving in to temptation and purchasing us banoffee pie truffles, peanut butter and jelly truffles and what I recall might have been a clotted cream gingerbread truffle.  They’re unreal.  You’ve got to visit.
  • Finally collecting my NikeID blazer high tops from Niketown, yippee!!
  • Banana frappe’s at Brick Lane Coffee, these are also unreal, and MUST be tried.
  • Boxpark Shoreditch because the design is super cool and the boutique stores even cooler.
  • Pizza East for a late lunch of pizza, arancini and other unbelievably delicious treats.
  • The photobooth at Pizza East.  TBND had his first photobooth experience, he’s definitely a natural.

Now it’s Thursday already and I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead. I have a lifelong friend flying in on business so we get to cause mischief on Saturday and a bloggers lunch meeting on Sunday.  I’m feeling confident it’s going to be another food indulging good weekend.  

Have a good weekend y’all x

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