Let’s Eat Chocolate | What’s in your Easter Basket?

I love chocolate, and I’ve always maintained that somehow, an Easter Egg magically tastes better than a chocolate bar.

This weekend I am going Pacman on every Easter Egg in my sight. Calories should never be counted on a holiday! I intend to eat hollow eggs, creme eggs, mini eggs, Lindt eggs and everything else that is egg or rabbit shaped and made from chocolate. Yep. My absolute favourite are marshmallow eggs and something we sadly can’t buy in the UK. A New Zealand speciality, they’re egg shaped super soft marshmallows, dipped in chocolate and I could easily eat 10 in one sitting. Alas I will have to make do with UK chocolate only.

Amongst all this self indulgent daydreaming, I’ve also spent the last two weeks deciding what to buy others for Easter. See it’s not all me, me, me! Last weekend I visited The Chocolate Festival for some inspiration and feel it’s my duty to share some of those sugar sweet photos with you. I won’t judge you if you lick your computer screen…


Would you believe that I left the festival empty handed! This required a Plan B, so I legged it over to the one place I knew would be the answer to my chocolate prayers. Selfridges.

I was right. Selfridges, home to pretty much everything you need in life. Including Easter gifts. So here we have it, my haul of gifts, in delicious photographic form…

Child or Adult. Find me a person who WOULDN’T want a giant Gummy Bear for Easter? If you find someone, alert the authorities because this person is not right in the head.

A little size scale for you to get an idea, fried egg sweet vs Gummy Bear. That’s a whole lot of bear right there!

Meri Meri bunny cups filled with fried egg sweets. Cute or what!

Cocomaya chocolate animal pops come in all different colours, but I stuck with a yellow theme here.

Melt Chocolate boutique in Notting Hill also sell at Selfridges, and they have a huuuuge range of flavours in this Melt Bar range.

Artisan du Chocolat, my absolute favourite chocolate store, is always a must for any gift or celebration. They also have a concession store within Selfridges. I went for a ‘pick n mix’ of chocolates, from passionfruit sea salt caramels, to mini eggs to chocolate pearls. Aaaaah I hope the recipient shares *hint hint.

After all that Selfridges purchasing, I shopped a little more sensibly, and bought some foiled eggs from Sainsburys. Always a good gift bag filler, and I may have tried one, and honestly, they’re pretty good.

And then there was the Origami Rabbits. I don’t know why I do it to myself, making life more complicated than it already is. There I was on a Sunday evening watching this video, and folding paper every which way, to create this cute little Bunny basket.

And last but not least, another Sainsburys purchase! This giant bunny comes in dark, milk or white chocolate. I’ve removed him from his ugly not so pleasant packaging and he’s cellophane wrapped with a personalised necklace hanging around his neck. It’s all about imagination people!

I hope you’ve all bought gifts for your friends, family and loved ones! Share the Easter love, and hopefully they’ll share half their Easter Egg. Win Win!

NEWSFLASH!!! I just opened the Easter gift my mum sent me from NZ, and HELLO! Marshmallow Easter Eggs.

PS Not sharing. Happy Easter x

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