It’s The Weekend!

Womens Health Magazine

Womens Health Magazine

It’s ALMOST the weekend!  In one more hour I’m giving up on trying to edit photos for work, which have quite honestly made me go loopy today staring at my laptop screen all day!!

It also looks like MORE SUNSHINE IN LONDON this weekend! I’m glad I didn’t pack all my summer clothes away when the weather looked winter-like a week ago.  I plan to wear skirts and dresses as much as I can until they need to be put away until next year.

Does anyone have fun plans this weekend?  I’m going to dance my arse off Saturday night at a friends farewell party in Soho, so I’m hoping I can sneak in wearing trainers, as some of you will have read my blog here about how I loathe wearing high heels out to dance!  And on Sunday, I’m off on a belated birthday lunch, courtesy of another girlfriend.  I’ve no idea where it is, but I love a good surprise, especially food related ones!

With any spare time, I’ll kick back at my local cafe with an iced chai almond milk latte, and finish flicking through the pages of my one magazine obsession, Women’s Health.  Khloe K is looking pretty fine don’t you think?!

45 minutes to go now, and the weekend officially starts!  Have fun everyone, and make some memories your 80 year old self will have a giggle over!

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