It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas!

It's Beginning to look a lot like christmas

It's Beginning to look a lot like christmas

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

It really, really is!  And I know it’s only November 17th, and some people just aren’t in the festive mood quite yet.  And I know it hasn’t even been Thanksgiving, (and no I’m not American, and yes I do celebrate Thanksgiving because food and friends), but I am definitely in the festive mood, and everywhere I go in London it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The department stores are dressed to the nine’s in all their Christmas glory, Fortnum and Mason is bustling with people buying puddings and mince pies, I know, I was one of them when I popped in to pick up a few gifts last Monday.   The winter markets have already opened, and yes, I’ve already ticked both the Leicester Square and Southbank Market off my list!

I truly love this time of year.  I love any time of the year where there’s a reason to celebrate and give to others.  On Tuesday evening I put on a YouTube Christmas carol playlist and wrote out all my Christmas cards.  I’ve almost finished Christmas shopping too, it’s mostly just the wrapping to go!  It’s the best time to shop now, when the stores aren’t too crazy and you can browse the aisles without being elbowed by other shoppers every few seconds.

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas

I’ve got a huge list of Christmas things to make and do too!  The delivery man just arrived with my parcel to give candle making a go for the very first time.  I’m sooo excited.  I’m making Mulled Wine scented candles, and this may or may not show up in a future blog post depending on my success.  I’ve also purchased everything I need to make both strawberry and peppermint turkish delight, a first attempt also, but there’s something about turkish delight that just shouts Winter, I think that’s thanks to the Queen of Narnia. Once I’ve finished with candle and turkish delight making, I’m moving on to polar bear iced cookies and maybe just maybe a gluten free Christmas cake.  My brain has not stopped thinking up ideas since the moment I decided it was okay to feel festive already!

Christmas movies at The Charlotte Street Hotel are on the list, as is Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, both of these being a annual tradition for The Boy Next Door and I, and this year we plan to see the light trail at Kew Gardens too.  OMG I’m getting so excited just thinking about this festive fun, I may just need to go watch Buster the Boxer bouncing on his trampoline in that John Lewis ad.

I hope you’ve all got loads of fun festive plans, for those in London, make the most of this magical time, we are so lucky to live in a city that does Christmas so well!  Now I must head off, I need to find a good spot for advent calendar x

It's Beginning to look a lot like christmas

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