I’m Going to a Royal Garden Party!

royal garden party

royal garden party

Soooo I entered the ballot for an invitation to one of The Royal Garden Parties at Buckingham Palace this year and last week I received an email to tell me my application was successful!

Rock. On.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I’m attending the Royal Garden Party on May 19th, and I’m already having mild anxiety over what exactly I’m going to wear!

The invitation is accompanied with a long list of instructions from what one is required to wear and what one will be expecting to eat, right down to exactly what time we’ll be sipping our tea before the Queen shows up to par-tay.

I’m eyeing up some dresses and shoes on ASOS whilst they’re still in the sale, because lets face it, I own trainers and ankle boots, neither of which will make it past security!  Then there’s the hat requirement.  Eurrgh!  I just can’t imagine myself in a hat.  Cap?  Yes.  Wide brimmed winter hat?  Yes.  Fancy colourful Camilla Parker Bowles number? NOOO!  So shopping for that will be interesting, and I’ll try and keep it low key and find a fascinator.  Then again, when have I ever been one to choose ‘low key’ as an option, so watch this space, as I may ending up with the biggest, widest, fanciest hat ever to be seen!

My last dilemma.  Will there be gluten free options?  How do I contact Elizabeth to ask such a question?  I might be snacking on cucumber minus the bread, and jam minus the scones.

So much to consider before May 19th!  Have you been to a Royal Garden Party?  If so, what did you wear?!

Can’t wait!

•royal wave xx


  1. How did you apply for the party? Sounds like fun if you ask me, would love to do it,

    • Hi Stacy, I applied through a ballot via the New Zealand High Commission here in UK. I think you have to apply through your nations ballot and they randomly select people, there are dates that you apply between, during February each year. Hoping it’s a sunny day when I’m there!

  2. I went to this two years ago and I can honestly say it was one of the best days I’ve had here in London. It is such an incredible experience that you will remember in years to come! Can’t wait to see what you wear, have a blast!

    • Oh wow! I need to get your advice then, as I have a dress that I’ve bought but worried it’s too ‘wedding guest’ or ‘evening’ for a daytime garden party! Were most women wearing short dresses??

  3. Honestly it was a real mixed bag. Some people really dressed up and others didn’t at all (much to my disappointment). I wore a dress that I would wear to a wedding but it felt like the right occasion to dress like that.

  4. I’m going the week after you and am having similar anxiety! I don’t do heels and at only 5ft tall could do with some! Also I’m taking my mum who doesn’t have a passport, driving licence or Photo credit card. What does she do for i.d.? There doesn’t seem to be anyone to ask – what do you reckon???

    • Hi Rachael! Oh exciting!! I’m still unsure about my dress, and dreading my high heels, also don’t have a hat yet, and what if it’s cold, I’ve nothing to match my dress! ;oP Who knew this was so stressful! Re your Mum, hmmmm, no contact details on the email confirmation? There must be loads of people without those I.D particulars. I’d say worst case scenario, get your mum to take a couple of bank cards, and perhaps a cheque book or bill/council tax bill with her name and address on it?

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