I Need a Vacation | USA Roadtrip Part 4

Continued from Part 3

By this stage of the trip I was feeling confident driving on the righthand side of the road. Then our worst nightmare came true. Glancing in my rearview mirror, I saw the flashing red lights of a state trooper pulling me over. He sidled up to the car. I think Anna-Marie was about to suffer a heart attack, but still managed to sneakily press record on the camcorder to capture:

State Trooper: “Do you realise you were going 74 in a 55 zone ma’am?”
Me: “I’m really sorry, I didn’t see the 55mph sign”
My licence was checked, a lecture was given, I apologised profusely and drove off.
Cue: squeals and shocked laughter from the both of us and probably the best bit of action we caught on camera during the whole trip.

Next stop, Grand Canyon. What can I say?  There’s a lot of rock. And wild animals. And insects. Starting with a wasp of mythical proportions flying in the transit van and the two of us squealing without an ounce of composure. Then there was the squirrel that took a fancy to Anna-Marie and much to her frozen horror, sat on her lap and begged for food. I found it highly amusing because I was filming it, until it decided to leap from the bench and latch onto my handbag. I think it suffered permanent damage after I swung around and flung it off somewhere dangerously close to the edge of the cliff.

We stayed at the Canyon until sunset, which is most definitely the best time of day to be there and capture the amazing light.

We fell in love instantly and added an extra days stay because this place pulls you in and you never want to leave. Staying at the MGM Grand Hotel, we gambled, sunbathed and swam in our FIVE pools.

And who do we see whilst swimming one day? Only Miss Bootylicious herself, Beyonce and her partner Jay Z. And when I say ‘see’, I don’t mean from afar, I mean, Anna-Marie and I kicking back on the sun lounger with the half a dozen others at this particular pool, and Queen B and Jay Z just a couple of metres away sitting under their cabana. Surrounded by very sweaty security, in black suits, in the 40°C sunshine.

We shopped, we walked around the unbelievable hotels and on our last night went to Studio 54, a nightclub in our hotel. They had breakdancers, a fashion show, rappers, and people bungying from the ceiling. Vegas knows how to party.

It was with sadness we said goodbye to the slot machines, our sunloungers and our five pools. But as they say, you should always leave the party when you’re still having a good time. To the west coast we go….

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