I Need a Vacation | USA Roadtrip Part 2

Following on from Part 1….

After numerous u-turns and panicky, “I think we’re going the wrong way!” squeals, we made it out of the airport complex. Next destination? Pennsylvania.

Our first adventure when we drove through a town called Lancaster, determined to catch sight of Amish people. After an hour of searching, we’d given up and I was busy studying the map, when my friend shouted ‘ANNMAREE!!!!’ Thinking we were about to crash, I was happy to be confronted with a very different image. There in front of us was a young Amish boy riding a horse and cart down the road. It was such a memorable sight to see.

Amish bucket list ticked off, we next made our way towards Hershey. As in Hershey’s chocolate! Due to my devoted love for chocolate, I was one happy traveller heading into this town. Even the streets have names like Cocoa Avenue. We visited the Hershey’s Chocolate Store and sunk our teeth into brownies and cupcakes. Heaven truly can be baked in the oven.

The chocolate kept us awake all the way to Pittsburgh where at 1am we arrived exhausted, at the house of Anna-Marie’s relatives. The following day we were given a tour of shops, universities and the general lay out of the city, ending our short stop with a homemade New Zealand dinner.

On the road again! We travelled through the backroads of West Virginia and Kentucky where we encountered trailer parks, small towns and small town people.

Stopping at a petrol station, Anna-Marie gave me strict instructions to pump the petrol myself so no one came near the car whilst she had a quick wardrobe change. Struggling with the petrol cap, I could hear someone shouting repeatedly at me in a VERY American drawl ‘Lefty loosey, righty tighty!’ A local was trying to give me some friendly advice on how to undo the cap. He strolled over to help and chat, with a panicking Anna-Marie qualifying for the World’s Fastest Clothes Change.

Stopping for the night near Louisville, Kentucky we woke the next morning and both agreed our day should start with waffles. To the Waffle House! A favourite pit stop for truck drivers, it was fantastic. We were snapping photos left, right and centre between mouthfuls of maple syrup covered waffles. Pure joy.

Friday night’s destination was Memphis, but we decided to go for lunch en route, in Nashville. The heat there was almost unbearable and we proved to be complete amateurs, with the two of us being more or less the only fools walking around in the 40°C heat. The highlight for me in this city, had to be a comment made from a homeless man with a voice that you would swear belonged to Forrest Gump. As we strolled along the sidewalk, he piped up ‘You girls sure are Purty (pretty). Both of ya.’

Look out Elvis here we come….

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