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London During Autumn

My favourite time of year arrived in October, and I’ve been enjoying every second of it, well except for windy days where that bitter chill makes you cold to the bone!  

Apart from the wind, it’s been great.  I always thought Summer was my favourite season, but I love Autumn just that little bit more.  I can dust off my favourite coats, hats and scarves, then there’s Halloween, Thanksgiving and the lead up to Christmas to get hyped up about.  Hot drinks never tasted so good, and my city-loving self suddenly goes all country, pulling on my Barbour coat and heading out for a walk with friends and The Boy Next Door in one of London’s numerous beautiful parks, before settling into a warm pub for a Sunday roast.

This time of year just screams cosy, so pop your pj’s on, settle into your sofa and pull a throw over your legs, whilst I tell you about some of my favourite Autumn things.

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for me?

It’s a combination of the leaves starting to turn orange and fall from the trees along with Halloween decorations popping up on store shelves.  The first sign of anything Halloween related gets me totally pumped.  Then I get in an excited frenzy and feel the need to bake a gazillion different pumpkin flavoured recipes.

2. What is my favourite Autumn scent?

Now this is tough to choose just one!  I’m going to say cinnamon because I always sprinkle the inside lid of my carved Halloween pumpkin with cinnamon, so when you light a candle inside it creates a delicious scent in the room.  Cinnamon also reminds me of baking, and particularly the apple pie I made a couple of weekends ago that I really must re-bake and share with you all!

3. What is my favourite Autumn colour?

I’d have to say a deep mustard yellow, the kind of shade a lot of the leaves turn when they fall.  I also have a sweater in this colour that I love to wear at this time of year.  This colour is closely followed by red and orange of course.

4. What is my favourite Autumn drink?

Hot chocolate!  But not the make at home watery type.  Oh no!  I like the Italian style thick hot chocolate which you can sip at or slurp off a spoon.  Most chocolate boutiques or Italian deli’s offer this deliciously sweet treat, and Gail’s Bakery does a great version too.  I’m also obsessed with Mulled Wine, but I feel that sits in the Christmas category – not that I’ve let that stop me, having already consumed multiple glasses this year.

5. What TV show, new or old, do I look forward to watching during Autumn?

Easy!  X Factor of course.  I love it!  I never want to go out on a Saturday evening this time of year because the thought of cosying up on the sofa to watch two hours of singing, dancing and general madness seems much better than braving the cold outside!  It’s easy entertainment, but people take it much too seriously, i.e. the Honey G drama.  C’mon people, chill out, your world isn’t going to end because she’s on tv.  And honestly, I look forward to her performance every week ;o)  When I say Honey, you say G ;o)

6. What is my favourite Autumn outfit?

Now this is impossible to choose just one outfit!  What I do love is my navy blue corduroy pinafore dress and my black denim overalls, which I pair both items with a blue and white striped thick top.  I’ve also pulled out an old blue and red plaid shirt from my wardrobe this year and that’s been featuring a lot.  I have a favourite navy blue winter coat and a gorgeous cashmere grey Brora pashmina that are both timeless favourites each year.

7. What is my favourite frugal Autumn activity?

Without a doubt, it’s walking in one of London’s beautiful parks.  New York City may have Central Park, but London has Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, Richmond Park and plenty of others.  We are so spoilt for choice and each and every one of these parks are so well looked after, and so lovely to walk through when the leaves start to fall.  It’s truly one of my favourite ways to spend a few hours each weekend at this time of year.

8. Which shops are my favourite to visit at this time of year?

My first choice is most definitely The White Company. Myself and TBND both love clean, minimalist looks, in white’s and grey’s, and he’ll kill me for mentioning this, but he loves that store as much as I do, particularly when they release their new Winter range of scented candles.  I know it’s not ‘Autumn’ scented, but you must go and have a sniff of their Mulled Wine Candle, it is a-maz-ing.  We also love popping into Holly’s House in Parsons Green, where we usually want to buy every single thing in the store, but if you’re in the market for a beautiful warm throw, theirs are just lovely!

There are so many things to love about this time of year, whether you stay warm and cosy inside with a good book, or you brave the cold on a crisp morning walk, before sitting down to a pub meal.  Enjoy it all!

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