How To Stop Your Feet Rubbing in Flip Flops!

how to stop your feet rubbing in flip flops

how to stop your feet rubbing in flip flops

You guys, I’ve find found a miracle cure to stop your feet rubbing in flip flops!  Every summer I dread those couple of weeks where my feet go from months of wearing shoes, to slipping into a pair of flip flops.

One would think that with the amount of walking a Londoner does each day, that our feet would be rough and tough. But it’s just not the case.  They are a pair of soft sissy’s, having been delicately cocooned in socks most of the year.

When my feet first slip on a pair of flip flops for the summer season, I’m optimistic. Fifteen minutes down the road I’m whimpering and limping, as the skin under the flip flop straps and between my toes is subjected to torture, leaving my feet looking and feeling horrifically worse for wear.

This year, with London taking forever to get the memo that it should be hot and sunny this time of year, I’ve worn shoes throughout July and August. But I’m off to Italy on Thursday, where the sun is beating down and shoes aren’t an option.  I needed to give my feet a little flip flop rehearsal, so I slipped on a pair of Havaianas yesterday, and sure enough, just a few streets down the road the pain kicked in. I tried bandaid’s, but they came right off, so I limped to a Boots pharmacy to find something, anything, to relieve me from the misery.

stop your feet rubbing in flip flops!

Locating the foot care aisle, I scanned for blister plasters, when I came across what looked like a giant Chapstick for your feet.  The Anti-Blister Stick promised to stop shoes rubbing and prevent blisters.

I took a chance, leaving the blister plasters on the shelf, and purchasing the Anti-Blister Stick. The instructions said to rub it over the parts of your feet that are the main target of torture.  I did as I was told, slipped my Havaianas back on and took a few tentative steps.

OMG! I was pain free!  It was a miracle! I glided along the street like it was 1987 again, a time when my New Zealand born feet were seasoned professionals when it came to flip flop wearing.

I feel such relief knowing I can wander rather than limp around the Amalfi Coast on vacation later this week!

This may be completely useless info to most, but if any of you suffer from sissy feet and you are desperate to stop them rubbing in flip flops, then I hope this helps you strut rather than suffer!

Happy Feet x

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