How to Make Chocolate Golden Eggs

diy golden painted eggs

make chocolate golden eggs

Veruca Salt, one of the brat’s from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, announced to her father whilst touring the factory ‘I want a goose to lay golden eggs for Easter, at least a hundred a day!’, and to be honest, I wouldn’t mind a golden goose for Easter too.  I’d want mine to lay Chocolate Golden Eggs!

And because I know how hard a golden egg laying goose may be to come by, I figured I may just have to go with the second best option of making them myself.

These are an awesome gift for Easter, a little timing consuming, I’m not gonna lie!  But worth it in the end!  So how do you make Chocolate Golden Eggs?  Well, read on….

Making chocolate golden eggs

Chocolate Golden Eggs

You’ll need:

6 eggs

2 egg cartons

1 sterilised needle

approximately 500g chocolate, melted

piping bags

edible gold powder

clear alcohol

paint brush

tissue paper

blowing out eggs to paint


First things first, you’ll need to remove the egg white and yolk.  This takes a little time and a fair bit of lung capacity! 

With your sterilised needle, make a tiny hole in the top of the egg, and a slightly larger hole in the bottom of the egg.

Then you need to start blowing through the tiny hole at the top, using a bowl to catch the egg that will come out the larger hole of the shell.

It can take a good 10 minutes to get all the egg out, so be patient!  It helps to insert the needle deep into the shell to pierce the yolk, making it easier to drain out of the shell.

Once all 6 eggs are eggless, and you’re just left with the shell, boil the shells in water for 10 minutes.  You’ll find they’ll bob along the top of the water, so use a wooden spoon to push them under water so some of the boiling water gets inside the shell to sterilise it.

Rinse in cold water and let the eggs cool.

They’ll likely be filled with water, so just gently blow through the small hole of the egg until all the water comes out.

filling eggs with chocolate

Next up, is filling the eggs with chocolate.  I found this the trickiest part!  I started out with the squeeze bottle in the photo above, changed to a piping tip inside a piping bag, and ended up just using a piping bag, which turned out the best way to fill the eggs.

Use your egg carton to hold the eggs as you pipe.

You can use any chocolate you like, however I found good quality chocolate worked better. I started out using Lindt chocolate, melting it in the microwave, scooping it into the piping bag and squeezing it through the large hole of the egg.  When I tried it with Cadbury Dairy Milk, it seemed a lot harder to pipe.  This step takes ages, those eggs can hold a lot of chocolate!

Once you’ve piped the chocolate into all your eggs, let the chocolate set.

If you happen to cause some cracks in the eggs (like I did!), don’t worry too much, just keep the pieces of shell to patch up later.

chocolate filled eggs

edible powder

Now it’s time to paint!  I used two different gold coloured powders.  You don’t need to, just choose the colour you like best and place two teaspoons of the powder into a bowl.

Slowly, and I mean VERY slowly, pour your clear alcohol into the bowl, mixing the alcohol and powder together with your paintbrush until it becomes runny.  But not TOO runny.  You’ll get a feel for what is right once you start painting.  I started out with a clumpy gold powder, added a little more alcohol and voila, I was good to go.

Paint all your eggs and leave to dry in their carton.  (Note: this is wear you can disguise the cracks of the egg, just paint on over them!)

painted golden egg

Your Chocolate Golden Egg should look something like this!

painted easter eggs

If you’re giving these as gifts, take your other clean egg carton and line with tissue paper.

Place your Chocolate Golden Eggs inside.

You may find the lid doesn’t close easily with the tissue paper inside the carton, so you could tie ribbon around to keep the eggs from falling out.

diy golden painted eggs

And that’s all there is to it!  The actual process isn’t exactly brain surgery, just time consuming.

golden eggs

But look how pretty they are!  Not to mention FILLED with chocolate!

golden easter eggs

Good luck if you give these a go, I’d love to see them if you do!  The Easter Bunny will be so impressed.

chocolate golden eggs

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