Hotdogs + Champagne = Bubbledogs

Last Tuesday, I finally walked through the doors of Bubbledogs. My friend and I had been planning & rain checking for months, but in the end we made it.

And was it worth it?  Why YES indeed it was.

Over the last two years, the popularity of ‘American Junk Food made Cool’, has hit an all time high in London.  Every few months, a new burger restaurant seems to open and there certainly doesn’t seem any slowing down on this trend.

Bubbledogs have teamed trash with cash. The ‘trash’ being hotdogs and the ‘cash’ being champagne, to accompany your sausage in a roll.  I love this.  Forget milkshakes. Forget caviar. Hotdogs and champagne is where it’s at.

Thankfully, being a Tuesday our wait wasn’t terribly long, 20 minutes or so – they have a no bookings policy if there’s less than six in your party.  What I do love about these types of restaurants, is that lack of ‘choice’ makes choosing less stressful!  You pick your hotdog – beef, pork or vegetarian. You decide if you want coleslaw, sweet potato fries or potato tots.  That’s it.

I’m a sucker for Mexican food so I went for the Jose, with salsa, avocado, sour cream and pickled onions. Avocado on a hotdog?  You read correctly. And believe me when I tell you it works.  Gone are the days where a squirt of American mustard and ketchup will suffice, though if that is your poison of choice, the Naked Dog is available.

I chose a side of coleslaw and some sweet potato fries. Because if you’re gonna do this, if you’re gonna walk through those doors and carb load, then you gotta do it right.  So please do not worry about your thighs, at least for the hour that your arse is sat on a Bubbledogs chair. You need the sweet potato fries. And the coleslaw.

The champagne list is vast, by the glass or by the bottle.

I’ll be back to carb load, that is for sure.  So please, put your laptop away right now, and make your way to Fitzrovia. Join the queue, and don’t forget the sweet potato fries.

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