Hello Summer! | London we have Longer Days!

Sunset was 7.28pm this evening, a-maz-ing! The day did seem to go by super quick due to the loss of an hour.  But I’m not complaining!  I woke up and considered the day ahead of me.  The gym seemed like a very good idea and it was a perfect start to a warm and sunny Sunday.

My usual ‘en route home from the gym’ coffee stop near my house was full to the brim with people enjoying the first day of daylight savings.  It was so wonderfully warm, that London has a certain magic in the air on days like these.

I raced home, finished some blogging and photo editing and threw on an outfit to meet with my friend and ex-housemate Emily of It’s So Gangsta Dahling. More coffee, carrot cake and whole lot of blogging chat was accomplished.

I felt the need to capture a few photos of exactly how happy today made me!  The first day of Daylight Savings is such a good feeling don’t you think?!  That and the excitement of my first trip out wearing my new leather jacket I purchased from All Saints yesterday!  I had a definite spring in my Converse.

The next important event on the days agenda was dinner.  I’d thought long and hard about this and I’d settled on a homemade smoked mozzarella pizza.  If you haven’t tried smoked mozzarella, get yourself to a Carluccio’s pronto and purchase some!  Starting with an Italian flat bread base, I added sundried tomato paste, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, avocado, basil, coriander, parmesan, hummus and hot sauce.  Totally worth the prep time! YUM.

Dinner was followed by dessert, I was super lazy and *GASP bought a dessert!  I know, I hang my head in shame.  But regardless, the Heston Blumenthal Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream and Gu Melting Chocolate Pudding were divine.

With The Boy Next Door all the way over in the US of A for almost 3 weeks, the best I could make do with was a picture of him on a Boomf marshmallow.  My cravings however got the better of me, and I ate The Boy Next Door.  Oops!

Hope y’all had a great Sunday, and now folks, it’s bedtime!  I have an early morning date with the treadmill at the gym, and some cake, pizza and pudding to burn off. Good night!

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