Hello It’s Been Awhile…. !

Waiheke Island New Zealand

Waiheke Island New Zealand

Hello everyone!  I cannot believe it’s almost two months since I wrote my last post here on my blog.  A very big OOPS!

As some of you will know I went home to New Zealand for the month of February, and although I had the greatest of intentions to keep posting, we were sooo busy seeing the sights, spending time with friends and family and eating all the food, and suddenly I was back on a plane to London and I’d not logged in here even once!

Since I’ve been back in London I feel like I’ve barely had time to catch my breath.  March has been the busiest of months.  I arrived back on a Wednesday morning, and found myself out and about the very next day despite the horrendous jet lag, on the Friday I was working and on the Saturday I had a wedding.  And life hasn’t slowed down since!

I’m doing that very tedious task of job searching at the moment, which takes time in itself, whilst working temp jobs in the meantime.  So my working week has been unpredictable and often includes late nights and weekends, which means Donuts + Detours has taken a back seat for now until I get life in order.

There will be a bunch of posts on New Zealand coming up, I can’t wait to share photos and tales with you all.  So bear with me as I get all my ducks in a row and back on this blogging bandwagon.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend everyone, and YAY for daylight savings starting here in the UK! x

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