valentines day

valentines day

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Whether it’s with family, friends or loved ones, I hope you do something special, because why the hell not?!

I love Valentines Day, and made the cards in the photo above for my nieces, nephews and god daughter, a tradition I love to indulge in, and one which they love to receive.  I even sent V-Day cards to single girlfriends, because the day is what you make it, and does not only have to be shared with a lover!

I’m spending my Valentines with the cutest guy! I’m making us pancakes for breakfast, then we’ll probably take a walk hand in hand in the park, and he’ll laugh at all my jokes.  Did I mention he’s 2 years old?  ;o)

However you spend the day, don’t be all ‘I hate Valentines’! Get involved! Buy yourself a box of chocolates, pop open some champagne, or head out with girlfriends for a ‘Galentines’ brunch.  Indulge and enjoy, it makes life so much more fun!


  1. Happy Valentines! Can believe I didn’t recognise you Thursday evening at the blogger social!! No facial recognition skills that evening 🙁 anyway hope to see around soon!

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