Fit vs Fat: I’m Juiced!


…. but before the rumours start, NO I have not completely lost my mind and hopped on the steroid bandwagon for those that jumped to THAT juice conclusion!

I’m ‘juiced’ (urban dictionary definition: excited/pumped/ amped) for juicing.  You know, the kind with vegetables and fruit?  Yep. I’m a complete and utter Juice Convert.  Hallelujah!

How did this happen?  Well it all started over Christmas, when The Boy Next Door gave me a Heston Blumenthal Sage Juicer amongst a gazillion other gifts.  (Me, lucky? Try completely and utterly spoilt).

Throughout 2013 we’d been reading more and more articles on the amazing benefits of juicing and I became convinced it would enhance my health.

As soon as we arrived back to London after Christmas, I was off to the supermarket to purchase carrots, apples and ginger.  These were to be the first ingredients for my maiden voyage into juicing.  I wanted to use vegetables and fruit that would aid digestion.  You can read more about the benefits of these ingredients at Juice Recipes.

In the last 20 days, I have missed just one day of juicing.  I am addicted and convinced it has helped me, particularly with my mediocre system.  Apart from a couple of days where I  also threw in a whole beetroot to my base ingredients (which, FYI was delicious) I have stuck to carrots, apple and ginger each morning.  However, I will attempt to change this up so this body of mine gets a decent variety of vitamins and nutrients.

So what’s the big deal you ask?  I get it, I used to be a skeptic too, but here are some benefits…

  • It boosts your immune system
  • Corrects hormonal imbalances
  • Heals your digestive system
  • Gives you maximum nutrition in minimal time

You also need to know what you SHOULDN’T do when juicing…

  • Don’t make the bulk of your juice from fruit, too much sugar!
  • You should not do a Juice Diet (Juice cleanse for a few days? Yes! Juice diet for an extended period of time, hello slow metabolism and weight gain post-diet)
  • Don’t juice ALL your vegetables and fruit, you still need to eat them whole, their skins have nutrients and fibre a juice can’t give you
  • You need to be consistent, not a Once in a While Juicer, your system won’t miraculously heal from juicing just once or twice per week

The most important thing is to purchase a really good juicer. They’re not cheap.  But do not waste your money on an average machine that will not extract the very best from the fruit and vegetables and will most likely break after a short period of time.  Save up and get the best you can afford. Stop buying juice in cafes and you will soon have enough to purchase your own machine. London juice prices are through the roof, £3.50 – £5.00 for a vegetable juice, whaaaaaat?!

From start to finish, I can wash my ingredients, juice them and clean the machine within 5 minutes.  It is not time consuming like you may have thought, so don’t use the I Don’t Have Time excuse!

So there we go, along with my morning half a lemon squeezed into warm water routine, that, kids,  is my vegetable juice with breakfast routine.  I’m in love.

Anyone else a Juice Convert?  What’s your favourite juice?

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