Favourite Holiday Moments

Favourite Holiday Moments

Can you believe Christmas is over already?!  I’m still in the festive mood though, probably thanks to the mince pies still hanging around in my cupboard and the £3.50 bottle of Tesco mulled wine waiting to be opened. Until those are devoured, Christmas isn’t over.

Favourite Holiday Moments

What I love about Christmas isn’t so much the day itself, instead it’s the lead up to the big day. All the Christmas lights, carol singers and winter festivals. Those are my favourite holiday moments.

Favourite Holiday Moments

I didn’t want to miss a thing over the festive period in London and literally kept a list on my phone to make sure I covered anything that resembles Christmas in the city.

London Hotel

I wandered all corners of the city to see hotels covered in giant Christmas trees, storefronts with the most outrageous festive displays (Harvey Nics/Selfridges!) and made sure I did all of this whilst taste testing all the mulled wine.

St Pancras Station

I even made a special trip to St Pancras Station to catch a glimpse of the Disney stuffed toy tree, which had everyone from children to adults wide-eyed and impressed.

Christmas Gifts

My favourite holiday moments always include choosing wrapping paper and deciding how to wrap and decorate my gifts.

Somerset House

A couple of days before Christmas I wandered the city with camera in hand, to check off the last of the places on my list, including Somerset House Ice Rink.

Fortnum and Mason

The ice rink was sponsored by Fortnum and Mason this year, so inside Somerset House there was a mini F&M store, with various themed rooms, and much less crowded than the actual department store on Piccadilly. 

Favourite Holiday Moments

They also had the Fortnums Lodge, a cafe and bar serving food and drinks. I decided to rest my feet and sat up at the bar with my rum spiked dark hot chocolate, and salted caramel marshmallows, daydreaming and chatting to strangers next to me.  Definitely a favourite holiday moment!

Leadenhall Market

My two favourite spots in all the city were Leadenhall Market (above) and their amazing Christmas tree and The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill (below) with the exterior of the pub covered in Christmas trees. 

Favourite Holiday Moments

But most of all, my favourite holiday moments were seeing friends. It always has that extra special feeling catching up at Christmas, or is that just all the prosecco talking?!

What were your favourite holiday moments?

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