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yolkin macaron ice cream sandwich

yolkin macaron ice cream sandwich

Oh hey summer, thanks for finally turning up in England.  We’ve gone from winter pyjamas early on in July to sauna-like conditions when travelling on the tube.  But you know what makes these sticky, sweaty, not so nice parts of summer better?  Ice cream.  In the same way that calories magically don’t count on birthdays, holidays and as soon as you’ve passed security at an airport (get me to WH Smith immediately and I’ll have all the sweets and chocolate please), ice cream in summer is totally acceptable, any time of the day.  I mean, you only need to spend 5 minutes on the ridiculously hot Central Line post ice-cream consumption, to sweat those calories off!

yolkin macaron ice cream sandwich

Now if you’re in need of ice cream, you can obvs just head into your local Tesco and grab a Magnum, because that’s about the only half decent ice cream on a stick in UK, sorry Brit’s but your ice lolly and ice cream selection is utter rubbish!  Jump on a plane down to NZ, and you’ll discover how it’s done properly.

So thank goodness for a bunch of amazing ice cream stores and sellers popping up over London, selling a-may-zing flavours and combos.  One of these being Yolkin, the makers of seriously mind blowing, delicious Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches.

yolkin macaron ice cream sandwich

I’d suffered major food envy for over a year, having spotted a bunch of awesome Instagram shots of Yolkin ice cream sandwiches, and I simply couldn’t take the envy anymore.  On a Sunday in Soho, we tracked our way to Yolkin’s pop-up shop with the help of Google Maps.

It was early afternoon, and my anxiety levels were rising for fear they might have sold out already.  But the planets had aligned or something like that, and the Yolkin freezer still had Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches for sale *air punch.

yolkin macaron ice cream sandwich

We picked out two flavours, sat down and sunk our teeth into the chewy macaron and the creamy ice cream.  Eyes widened, angels sang, we were in love.  And particularly so for me, because these babies are gluten free!

yolkin macaron ice cream sandwich

New flavours are created each week, and on our first visit we gobbled down both a Honeycomb and Black Forest flavoured sandwich, and visit number two we picked out  Strawberries & Cream and “99” (a 99 is an ice cream truck soft serve with flake for the non-Brit’s) flavour.  Yolkin publish their flavours on their Facebook each week, and I’m devastated to discover I missed out on their Mint Choc Chip flavour this past weekend!


Yolkin Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches make life better, and summer less sweaty.  You’ll thank me as soon as you sink your teeth into your first one.

Happy Summer Londoners! x


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