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Only one more sleep until Pancake Day! Possibly one of Britains best annual celebrations, right?

I love pancakes, they’re never a bad idea in my opinion. I learnt to make them from a very early age, and during my childhood you’d often find me whipping up a batch on a Sunday morning, with toppings ranging from lemon and sugar to stewed cinnamon apples and cream.

The biggest problem for me has been this big old pain in the arse called gluten intolerance. It makes eating out a lot more complicated, and eliminates the brunch option of buttermilk pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, that you often see on a cafe menu.


Every so often a miracle occurs and someone offers pancakes on their menu that happen to be gluten free. This is exactly what happened last Saturday when we went to eat pancakes for lunch at the Where The Pancakes Are Pop-Up on the top floor of Habitat on Kings Road, Chelsea.


We arrived midday and were seated in a lovely, bright room on the top floor of Habitat, and handed our menus which offered regular or buckwheat pancakes. That was the easy part. What wasn’t so easy was trying to decide which pancakes to choose.  After settling on one savoury and one sweet option we placed our order and sat back, watching the hustle and bustle of the Kings Road on the street below.


We’d seen other plates passing us by, piled high with the most delicious looking pancake stacks, and when ours arrived, we were far from disappointed.


We chose so well! (If I do say so myself).  Starting with the savoury option, we opted for the Eggs Benedict which was made up of smoked ham, hollandaise and a poached egg topped with tendril pea shoots, piled onto a stack of pancakes. Oh wow, it was so good!


For our sweet option, we shunned anything remotely traditional and chose a stack of pancakes topped with caramelised pineapple, cream, lime, mint and a sprinkling of coconut.  They hit it out of the ballpark with this combo.  It was so, so, SO good!


I can’t wait to attempt a recreation of this combo at home.
habitat chelsea

If you find yourself suffering from major food envy right now, and let’s face it, you should be, you’ve got a chance to give these pancakes a try tomorrow, on Shrove Tuesday, the final day of the pop-up!


And in a worst case scenario, that you can’t make it to Habitat, Kings Road tomorrow, then the really amazing news is that We Are The Pancakes are opening a permanent venue near the Tate Modern in June. Hooray! I’ve already got my new loyalty card tucked inside my purse.


I hope you all have Pancake Day plans tomorrow! I can’t wait! I’m cooking for a couple of friends, and I’m mostly excited about making candied bacon, my first attempt, but an essential accompaniment to a fluffy pancake!

Happy eating x

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