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Last weekend was BUSY! I was in a rush from Friday evening until Sunday evening.  I need another weekend to recover.

Dinner on Friday evening, the compulsory Saturday morning gym run, hightailing it to South London for lunch with friends, back home to throw on warm clothes, Bonfire Night at the Hurlingham Club, home late, dragging myself out of bed Sunday morning and legging it to Chelsea for brunch.  No wonder I feel tired!


Brunch is probably one of the few things that will motivate me to leave my bed earlier than needed on a Sunday morning.  Particularly on a Sunday morning that is pouring with rain, and there are no Addison Lee or Hailo cabs available ANYWHERE!


TBND and I braved the rain under a giant umbrella and pranced over the puddles, with a sprint to the finish when we spotted our bus pulling up at our stop.

We finally arrived on Cale Street in Chelsea just in time to meet our friends.


We took no time in ordering coffee’s, nothing like a big cup of caffeine to help start the day.


A quick fire round of questions to catch up on everyone’s news and we then turned our focus to the menu.  All of us settling on eggs benedict or royale.


I chose the Eggs Royale with gluten free toast, and it was good.  I wouldn’t say it was better than any standard cafe I’ve ordered this meal in, but it filled the hungry gap in my belly nonetheless.



Brunch demolished, more coffee’s consumed, and finally the rain had decided to take a break, so we said our goodbyes.


After a busy afternoon on the Kings Road, and a frantic grocery shop before the store closed, our stomaches reminded us they would yet again like to be fed.  And although this post is about Tom’s Kitchen, I just felt you guys would really appreciate the visual beauty of that GBK burger above, and the chocolate peanut butter milkshake below. Sunday night dinner.

Sunday is all about food for us, and I would hate to let you down so enjoy these GBK beauties.  Stare at them, lick the screen, get hungry, and add GBK to your ‘to-eat’ list.  Note: you’ll need to pimp up your milkshake if you want chocolate peanut-butter, just ask as it’s not an official menu option. You’re welcome!


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