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The White Horse in Shere


So here’s the thing, I love the movie The Holiday.  Like LOVE, love it.  I mean how could you not?  My girlfriends and I are already booked in to see it at Charlotte Street Hotel’s private cinema in a couple of weeks, to get us in the festive mood (I’ve been in the festive mood for weeks already, but you can never have too many Christmas related events in your life!).

It therefore will come as no surprise that when my friend Cath asked if I’d like to have Sunday lunch in the village of Shere, where much of The Holiday was filmed, AND in the exact pub that Jude and Cameron shot scenes in, I came over all starstruck and got a date in the diary at lightning speed.

The White Horse in Shere

Last Sunday, Cath picked me up in her car (this is very exciting in London, not many people have cars!), and we head out towards Shere, arriving just after noon, with hungry stomach’s and the excitement of spending a day in this cute little village.

The White Horse in Shere

We arrived at The White Horse Pub, were seated at our table and quickly ordered our Sunday roasts.  Let me just add for the gluten dodgers reading this.  THE WHOLE ROAST WAS GLUTEN FREE!!! Yup! Even the Yorkshire Pudding!

The White Horse in Shere

Sure, it wasn’t the best roast I’ve ever had (that was eaten at The Truscott Arms), but still it was good enough for me to leave nothing on my plate.

The White Horse in Shere

Both being gluten dodgers, Cath demonstrates with her big grin just how happy we are to find a good gluten free meal.

The White Horse in Shere

Yum!! We devoured lunch but kept room for dessert.  Gluten free dessert!

The White Horse in Shere

Gluten free plum crumble with custard.  I mean how could you not?

The White Horse in Shere

It was delicious.  The crumble was baked to perfection, and I was glad my skirt had an elasticated waist at this point.

Shere The Holiday

Settling the bill, we made our way out onto the village streets for a wander around.

The White Horse in Shere

It was so cute!  All the lovely houses, with all their lovely gardens, everything looked like it was out of a storybook.

Shere Surrey

And of course it had a little river running through the centre of the village, just to add extra cuteness.

Shopping in Shere

We popped into some of the stores, where I wanted to buy ALL the Christmas decorations.

Shere Surrey

door knocker

Even the door knockers on houses were lovely!

Door knocker

Shere Surrey

Having never lived in a small town or village, I found the village hall such a novelty, and couldn’t resist having a look inside.


Which is where we discovered this village fair, selling everything from jewellery to antiques.

Sunday Lunch Shere

The houses were beautiful.  The restaurants looked magical. Every corner we turned I would exclaim ‘That is SOOOO cute’.  I have this thing with stuff that’s cute you see.

Shere Surrey

I mean look at that house, isn’t it the cutest?!  I wouldn’t say no to the car either.



A sneak peak in another lovely gift store, where again I wanted to buy ALL the Christmas decorations, before we called it a day and jumped into the car to drive back to the big smoke.

Whether you’re a fan of The Holiday or not, Shere is the perfect day trip getaway for a Sunday lunch.  I’d love to hear if you visit!


  1. Hi!
    Love your photos!!! Thank you for SHARING!!! I LOVE the Holiday and I could watch it 3 times a week….and I HAVE!!!! I’m turning 45 next August and I’m planning on going there for vacation alone! Kind of nervous about that but looking forward to walking, eating, drinking and shopping!!!! I’m from Massachusetts. Are the people nice there? Is it safe to go alone do you think?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lynna

      Sorry I just saw your comment now! I adore that movie too! The movie was filmed in a couple of spots in Surrey UK, however the pub where Cameron and Jude meet is in Shere. The village is tiny and lovely, with very cute British stores, one of my favourite shops is there, selling beautiful plants and homeware. The people are very friendly, and you will absolutely be safe. Staying more than a couple of days there would probably get boring if you don’t have a car. You would be better to spend time in London (45 minutes drive) and then go to Shere, or perhaps spend time somewhere else in the UK. I’m 40 and I love going on vacation alone, you’ll have a great time!

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