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The Protein Ball Co. Launch


The Protein Ball Co. Launch

FRIIIIIIIDAY! Hell yes!  It just feels better than any other day of the week right?  My BBC Weather app is saying we should get some sort of sunny/cloudy collaboration in the early-mid twenties, and compared to the temperature earlier in the week, this screams SUMMER!  It might be as good as we’re going to get Londoner’s, so you should really get excited too.

So the weekend is here, almost! I’m imagining a whole bunch of laziness, maybe a nice lunch somewhere, and just general sloth-like behaviour.  Except for tomorrow morning.  Saturday morning always starts with working out, my weekend just doesn’t feel like it gets off to the right foot without shaking off a few calories, and stretching out my body.

The Protein Ball Co.

But the problem is, by the time I walk back home from the gym, make myself a cup of coffee and sit down to aimlessly surf the internet catch up on emails, I often realise I’ve not made time for breakfast, and it’s getting too close to lunch, and then I feel despair! Should I eat? Should I wait until lunch?  But I’m HUNGRY now!!!!

And that, people, is why I am so excited about a little product called The Protein Ball Co. The lovely TPBC team had me along to their launch on Monday, in the form of a stretching class at Yotopia in Covent Garden.

The Protein Ball Co.

The Protein Ball Co. have created the most delicious little protein ball snacks, that are perfect for a pre or post gym workout, an afternoon snack, or well, anytime of the day really!  This morning I went for a long run, and arrived back on my front doorstep puffing and panting.  I made myself a coffee and I needed to get stuck into work.  So I grabbed a packet of the Peanut Butter flavoured protein balls and munched away, whilst attacking my email inbox. I didn’t have to think about standing in the kitchen prepping something nutritious, yet I still felt I was adding goodness to my body with these natural, delicious snacks.

The Protein Ball Co. Launch

Guys, I am telling you, these protein balls are ACE!  I’ve eaten pretty much every protein or raw bar on the shelves at Wholefoods and nothing tastes as good as these little guys.

There’s nothing artificial or chemical tasting about them, as they only use natural ingredients.  They’re gluten free too, which is major brownie points.  And let’s not forget to point out how cute the packaging is, and I just love ‘cute’!

If you’re feeling hungry now, you can follow The Protein Ball Co. on Facebook for updates on where you can get your hands on a packet.


I’m down to my last packet in my kitchen cupboard, and I need to remedy that situation ASAP!

Thank you to The Protein Ball Co. for having me along to this super fun launch!  All opinions in this post are my own.

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