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My absolute favourite cuisine, hands down, is Mexican.  Tacos, burritos, salads, nachos, give it all to me, and top it with guacamole and sour cream por favor.  

I’d had Tacombi on my radar for awhile, and as soon as my flights to NYC were booked, I added it to my MUST EAT AT list.

Mexican Food NYC

There’s three Tacombi locations in NYC, but I had my sights set on the Nolita location, because Tacombi Nolita is located in a garage and makes their food inside of a VW Combi van.  Pretty cool huh?

Soho NYC

The great thing about visiting places when you’re on vacation, is that there are no lines when you dine midweek.  We made every effort to eat at the places on our list, when everyone else was busy at work.

Mexican Soho

Needless to say, we arrived at Tacombi and were seated straight away.

Soho NYC

The garage is super cool, complete with a take out counter, bar, and of course the combi van!

Mexican food

We were handed paper menus, and apart from wanting all the tacos (hello gluten free options!), we had heard amazing things about their Corn Esquites, so that was a must for sure.

Tacombi NYC

Orders handed in, we waited.  Impatiently.

Tacombi NYC

And stared intently at the Tacombi van chef, waiting for him to hand our food over to our waiter.

Tacombi NYC

Oooh! There’s the waiter, things were looking promising!

Tacombi NYC

And ta-da! Lunch was served.

Tacombi Soho

So that corn I was talking about.  The one we’d heard amazing things about.  The rumours are 100% true.  It was so damn good!  You get handed a cup full of toasted corn covered in chipotle mayo, crumbled cheese, with a side of lime.  Oh my, it was so bloody good!  So good in fact, that we’ve tried our best to recreate it numerous times since being back in London.

Tacombi NYC

Our tacos were also on point.  Full of flavour, we munched away silently and happily.  Mexican Street food at its best.


We settled our bill, and wandered out into the New York sunshine with happy bellies.

The whole Tacombi concept is ace.  The location, the building, the combi van, and the food.  It’s one not to miss!

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