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Last week had been a stressful one for both myself and TBND, by Sunday we were well and truly knackered!

We decided to set out to get some food and relax for a couple of hours.  Jumping on a bus heading toward South Kensington, we plotted our food map route.


It started with Ben’s Cookies in South Kensington.  These are, in my sweet toothed opinion, THE BEST COOKIES EVER!  Baked just enough, so they’re golden on the outside, and gooey in the centre, loaded with melted chocolate chunks.


And I know, I KNOW!!!! I shouldn’t have eaten one, because no, they are most definitely not gluten free, and I weighed up the risk, and sometimes, NOT OFTEN AT ALL, but just sometimes, I take the risk and eat something packed with gluten.  And yesterday was one of those days.  It’s like spinning a roulette wheel, I never know if I’m going to dodge the miserable effects, or if my body is going to surrender and suffer.  So far, so good *touch wood.  I’m not a big gambler though, so I will not be spinning that roulette wheel again for a long time!


Cookies consumed, we continued on around the corner for lunch.  Yes that’s correct, we ate dessert first.  Because we’re adults.  And we can.

We sat down for sushi at Tombo.


Tombo, also in South Kensington, is a lovely, relaxed Japanese cafe, with all the usual: sushi, soups, bento’s etc. We chose some sushi and hand rolls.



Mini works of art.



Anyone that’s eaten Japanese hand rolls knows just how difficult it is to figure out how on earth you’re meant to remove the plastic from the food without the whole roll falling apart. Tombo have got your covered….


An instruction sheet!


TBND was a natural, ending up with a perfectly formed, plastic-free hand roll.  Mine looked a little worse for wear.


But it tasted delicious!


Stuffed with sushi, we settled the bill and our thoughts moved on to sundaes.  Sundaes on a Sunday!  So we set off the in the direction of Harrods.

(And just so you can picture exactly what I’m talking about, for your viewing pleasure, a wee look around South Kensington and Knightsbridge…)


I’d never indulged at the original ice cream parlour in Harrods, let alone its newer, shinier version.  It was old fashioned, yet glamourous all at the same time.


We studied the ice cream flavours as we stood in line for a table.  What to choose!?




Very important discussions occurred over which flavours were the ones to go for.




And our ice cream soon arrived.  Nutella, Caramel and Banana flavour.  Delicious!



We got stuck right in, and were done in oooh less than 5 minutes?  No messing around when ice cream is involved.

PYq9GW on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs



Eventually locating the stairs (this is a feat in itself when you visit Harrods) we made our way out into the hustle and bustle of tourists loitering around the area and jumped on a bus homeward bound.  It was, after all, heading to dinner time, and we had burgers to bbq! Oh Sunday, you make my belly so happy!

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