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Sunday started very, very slowly.  Which is somewhat of a novelty when you live in London.  Londoners don’t know how to relax.  We rush to and from work, we overfill our diaries to meet friends, try out a new restaurant, fit in gym workouts, race around the supermarket each day deciding on what to cook for dinner.  It’s a neverending list of the same thing over and over again.  And when we do spot a moment in our calendar to put our feet up, we fill that with one of the options above.  Relax? No! Never!

img_4256But last Sunday, with an element of guilt, we stayed in bed as long as we could before we both agreed ‘we’re wasting the day!’, and just like that we were up and on our feet with a plan in progress.

We decided a Sunday roast seemed like a very good idea.  A phone call and a reservation later, we got ready for the day to head towards Warwick Avenue.


Located in Maida Vale, we had made a booking at The Truscott Arms.  It had been on our list of places to eat at for a long time, particularly as they’re known for being Gluten Free Friendly.


Our reservation was at 3.15pm, but we decided to try our luck for a walk in table a little earlier.  It quickly became clear, as soon as we stepped inside that there would not be any walk-in tables available.  The place was packed with people, eating delicious looking food and so we had to practice patience and wait for 3.15.


Just minutes walk from the pub is Little Venice, with it’s canals and houseboats, so we decided to take a wander to distract ourselves from the thought of our hungry stomaches.



I need to add a little note here: TBND is a reluctant model, and I often get told off for putting up photos of him on my posts.  So I would like to add a disclaimer right here, before any of his friends hassle him AGAIN.  He does not willingly pose or agree to these photos.  I just refuse to listen to him and post them anyway.  🙂  And I liked this one, so I’m setting it free into the world wide web!



It was finally time to turn around and head back towards the pub, hooray!



We arrived back and ordered drinks whilst waiting for our table in the dining room upstairs to become available.


The pub has fantastic decor, with two separate dining rooms upstairs and a beer garden too.



They even sell gluten free beer for the GF lot!


I’m not sure there was anything they didn’t sell to be honest!


Aperol Spritz for me, to pretend I was once again on the sunny shores of the Amalfi Coast.


Some kind of ale for TBND.

Our table was soon ready and we made our way upstairs into the dining room.  A quick scan of the menu, lamb for me, beef for TBND and we placed our order.

That’s when the slightly disturbing news of a 45 minute wait was announced.  45 minutes? These people do not understand how much importance the two of us place on eating!  45 minutes is like, forever!

They were so run off their feet, which shows how popular they are, but you need to hope the meal is going to be really good for a wait that long.

img_2654Just under an hour in, when I was almost in hangry tantrum mode, our roast platter arrived.

It looked A-MAZ-ING!


It also tasted A-MAZ-ING!

I forgave them right then and there for the wait, and agreed to return again to give them ‘a second chance’ to provide a faster service next time around.

I can honestly say this was one of the best roasts I have ever had the pleasure of devouring. I did have to look longingly at TBND’s yorkshire pudding as this isn’t GF, but the potatoes, the gravy and everything else is, and that made me very happy indeed!

img_2655I recommend The Truscott Arms in a big way, just maybe take a packet of crisps with you if their popularity continues and you’re forced to sit patiently for 45 minutes.

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