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Every year I make a list on the Notes app in my iPhone (handiest app ever!), of all the restaurants and food spots I want to visit that year.  I never seem to quite make it through the list completely as pop-up’s and launches of other restaurants always seem to throw me off track, and I’d end up eating out every single night just to taste test everything!  So Petersham Nurseries was on my 2014 list and ended up being transferred over to my 2015 list, but it was looking unlikely this would be the year that I’d be ticking it off my food bucket list.


Oh how wrong was I!  All thanks to my friend Cath who took me there for a belated birthday lunch!  I was so excited and so looking forward to it.  Our reservation was on a sunny Sunday afternoon, and after traffic caused me to arrive in Richmond super late, we got Uber on the case, and soon enough our driver was whizzing through the country lane looking streets en route to Petersham Nurseries.

We arrived just in time, power walking down the lane and through the nursery to the restaurant.


And the moment I arrived, I couldn’t stop looking every which way at the beautiful flowers, and fountains and despite being someone that can’t understand why anyone would drop 100k on a wedding, I was suddenly thinking THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVVVVAAAAA FOR A WEDDING RECEPTION! (Somebody slap me).

Petersham Nurseries

I mean look at the flowers your guests would be greeted with! Hah! Okay enough, back to real life!  So yahhhh, look at those beautiful flowers, and that was just one arrangement amongst many.

Petersham Nurseries

We were seated at our table and handed the menu to agonise over.

Petersham Nurseries

The smile on Cath’s face is one of ‘Oh shit, there are so many good things to choose from, YESSSSSS!, but how do you choose?!’.

Petersham Nurseries

We started with fried polenta with pickled pumpkin and chilli.  And honestly, I know I said in my last blog post that a roast could be my death row meal, but if the prison was to run out of yorkshire’s and horseradish, I would be totally cool with this instead.  I mean, it was so good.  SO GOOD.  The polenta was crispy on the outside, squishy in the middle and the pumpkin was like the best baby food you could ever taste, and I mean that as a compliment okay!

Petersham Nurseries

For my main I chose risotto with pancetta and cavolo nero, and yep, this was also bloody delicious.  I forget how much I love risotto until I eat it and then wonder why I don’t order it more often!


Cath went for the red mullet with courgette fritti and salsa verde.  She also turned into an Instagram freak, I think my social media addiction is contagious.  Oh and Cath said the fish was delicious!

PN lunch

Yum!!! and thankfully no cavolo nero between my teeth in the photo.

Petersham Nurseries

The dessert menus were placed in front of us, and I’m sorry to let you down everyone, but I couldn’t order anything as I’m on this course of supplements to heal my body so I turn into some kind of magical flying unicorn or something, so dairy and sugar are off limits BOOOOOO!  I did get some mint tea though!  No, you’re right, that doesn’t count. BUT! Cath got the chocolate pot dessert with honeycomb, and by the look on her face I think it was fair to say that it was really good!  Next time I’ll visit when I’m having a breakdown or something, and order like ten chocolate pots in one go, to make up for missing out this time around.


We truly had the loveliest afternoon at Petersham Nurseries and the staff were brilliant.  We just could not work out why we seemed to have three wait staff looking after us. That was until the female waitress snuck over and quietly mentioned that we were her table, but it seemed the two younger male waiters had taken a shine and were waiting on us hand and foot despite the fact they were meant to be looking after guests on the other side of the restaurant.

Still got it. Yep! *finger snap

(One of the lads even gathered flowers for me and made them into a birthday bouquet! *another finger snap).


We finished up, and made our way out of the restaurant.

Richmond UK

Stopping for a few little shots, because it was such a novelty to see a paddock!  I almost needed a paper bag to breath into, the air felt so clean I didn’t know what to do with myself.

Richmond UK

We suddenly came over all energetic (maybe it was the clean air!) and decided to walk back to Richmond Station.

Richmond UK

And I’m so glad we did!  It was the prettiest of walks.

Richmond UK

We even saw cows!  This is like a total novelty for a London dweller.  And the funny thing is Richmond is right there on the outskirts of London, yet it feels like the countryside.

Richmond UK

Along the riverside we strolled, back to Richmond Station.  It was a perfect way to spend Sunday afternoon, and I am definitely adding Petersham Nurseries to my 2016 food bucket list, because I simply must go back again.  That chocolate pot is calling my name.


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