Eat | Pancakes, Gelato and Five Guys

Sunday is a double edged sword.  On the one hand you wake up on a Sunday morning and think WORK TOMORROW, WHYYYYYY DOES THE WEEKEND GO SO SOON?  On the other hand, I wake up and think today is my #cheatday, my #sinsunday and I want to eat something unbelievably delicious, so where is that place going to be today?  Then TBND and I have a very serious discussion on the potential locations, narrow it down, pick one and then get ready as fast as we can so we can start eating.

This past Sunday we settled on My Old Dutch on the Kings Road. I hadn’t been in maybe 10 years,  TBND had never been, and the gluten free options basically sealed the deal.  Pancakes for brunch it was going to be.  After much deliberation, I settled on the Amsterdammer – a pancake topped with sautéed apple, smoked bacon and maple syrup, mmmmhmmmmm. TBND opted for a pancake topped with fried egg, bacon and spinach, I can’t remember the name I’m sorry!  But I do remember that both of us were A. in love with our food and B. sooooo full by the the last mouthful.

We continued down the Kings Road, stopping in at a few shops for a browse, and then on to Sloane Street, in the direction of Selfridges. TBND made some calls, and I snuck in some photos that he’ll tell me off for when he sees this post #killingtime, but I liked his outfit so I thought it was worth posting #imintrouble.

We walked through Mayfair and past Grosvenor Square, where we came across Dale Chihuly’s glass Sun Sculpture….

Pretty impressive huh!

We continued on, past one of the many private member’s clubs with the very bored looking doorman.

tUeFM0 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

A quick stop for a rather touristy Post Box shot and then on to Selfridges, where we lasted ooh about 15 minutes before escaping the crowds of people intent on finding a bargain in the sales.

It had been a couple hours since we’d eaten, and seeing as we had made our way to Soho, it would’ve been a crime not to stop at Gelupo for some Ricotta, Dark Chocolate & Pepper flavour, Hokey Pokey flavour and Lemon Curd gelato.

Sugar induced smile right there.

On to Covent Garden for some pre-holiday shopping and when we couldn’t bear the thought of looking in yet another store, we may just have found ourselves on the doorstep of yet another calorie laden location…..

Yep.  Five Guys.  That American burger chain that opened in London last year.  It was still on the ‘to-eat’ list, so we skipped past Shake Shack with a longing in our eye as we do love a Shake Shack burger very very much!

TBND placed his order.  I was just there for the atmosphere (no gluten free buns!).

These guys are working MUCH harder than most other burger chains, due to the fact you can customise your burger toppings.

TBND’s ‘pre-dinner snack’.

And the good news?  The fries are gluten free.  The better news?  TBND didn’t like them.  So I ate them. All.

It was time for us to get the heck out of the West End before yet another fast food chain caught our eye.  So we went home.  And ordered Itsu.  And ate chocolate.  It’s what we do on a Sunday alright!

Over and out ;o)

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