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Raspberry Tart

Oree Chelsea

Psssst! I’ve got some good news, and it involves cake! There’s a new place in town, on the streets of Chelsea, called Orēe.  Don’t make any plans for your day until you read this post, see how AMAZING the food looks, and then make a beeline towards Fulham Road, so you can indulge in this fantastic new foodie spot!

Orēe Patisserie Chelsea

I was sat at my friends apartment in New York one morning in April, clearing my inbox, when an email popped up, inviting me to a breakfast at Orēe.  My cake loving heart sank as I glanced at the date and realised I’d still be in NYC.  A couple of emails later, I skipped off to Manhattan, with the news that I was welcome to pop in for French pastries once I was back in London.  Hooray!

Orēe Chelsea

Grabbing a girlfriend, because cake and gossip go together like cheese and marmite (DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT MARMITE), we met up on a Sunday afternoon to indulge in what the French make so well, bread and cake.

Orēe Chelsea

Orēe Chelsea

I walked into Orēe, glanced at the glass cabinet full of delicious food and knew immediately that picking something off the menu was going to be a struggle.  I wanted one of everything!

Gluten free cookies

Now usually a food spot that sells gluten heavy bread and cake would spell trouble for me.  But here’s where things get really good.  Orēe have a HUGE range of gluten free options, from bread, to quiche, to exquisite looking tarts and cakes.

Orēe Chelsea

Orēe Chelsea

There is enough to keep both the gluten eating and gluten free lot happy here!  So often a cafe with gluten free options will have just one item available on the menu.  But not Orēe, the options were so great, for once I was going to struggle to make a decision on what to eat.


We kicked off the afternoon with matcha lattes, my first ever!  Still not sure how I feel about them, maybe they’ll grow on me in time.

Orēe Patisserie

Our food arrived soon after, and it looked promising at first glance.

Croque Madame Orēe

I’d decided on the Croque Madame, consisting of bechamel, emmental cheese, ham & poached egg on gluten free bread.

Croque Madame

Hand on heart, it was SO DELICIOUS!

Superfood Salad Orēe

My friend Jo was much more self controlled and opted for the Superfoods Salad, made up of quinoa, butternut squash, beans sprouts, beetroot, pomegranate, goji berries, toasted seeds, broccoli florets & summer greens.

Superfood Salad

A whole plate of goodness right there!

Orēe Patisserie

Finishing our meal, our waitress handed us the dessert menu.  I was not there to count calories, I was there to eat cake.  And so we agonised over the menu, walked over to peer through the patisserie glass cabinet and finally placed our order.

Lemon Tart Orēe

We opted for a Lemon Yuzu Tartelette, gluten free of course!

Orēe Patisserie Chelsea

Lemon Tart

It was almost too pretty to eat!

Raspberry Tart

And we also opted for a Raspberry Tartelette, another little gluten free beauty!

oree chelsea

These gorgeous little patisseries were divine, in a way that only the French know how to do so well.  I was so impressed, I asked the waitress to bag up a gluten free chocolate chip cookie for me to take home, of which there’s no photo because I devoured it the moment I walked through my front door.

Orēe Patisserie Chelsea

Orēe, located on the Fulham Road in Chelsea is a fantastic new addition to the neighbourhood, and one that I suspect I’ll be popping into on a regular basis.  Regardless of whether you can eat gluten, or you’re like me and sadly cannot, this spot will make you very, very happy!

Find Orēe at:
275-277 Fulham Road,
Chelsea, London, SW10 9PZ

Opening Times:
Monday – Friday: 7am/7pm
Saturday: 8am/7pm
Sunday: 8am/6pm

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