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M1lk Balham

We’re getting tired of visiting the same brunch spots in London.  Don’t get me wrong, our favourites are good, but there’s only so many times you can eat there before the novelty wears off.

Last week I was Googling away looking for new gluten free friendly spots, which to be honest, is most places these days thankfully.

I read a couple of articles on a place called M1lk, located in Balham, and added it to my weekend agenda when I discovered their sweetcorn fritters were gluten free.  You can’t believe how happy this makes someone who usually just has to accept they can’t eat the option on the menu that they really want, instead having to choose only from what they can eat.

M1lk Balham London

We made our way to Balham on Saturday afternoon, after a busy morning, so brunch turned into late lunch, but isn’t that what brunch is all about anyway, no time limits on when you actually sit down to eat it?

M1lk Cafe Balham

Walking towards M1lk, it quickly became obvious the place was pretty popular.  There wasn’t a free seat inside or out, with trendy young things all drinking coffee and tucking into delicious meals.

Thankfully we didn’t have to wait very long, just 5 minutes in fact, and we were seated inside next to the window.

M1lk Balham Menu

Scanning the menu, there were so many delicious options to choose, but I was determined to try the sweetcorn fritters and I also convinced TBND we should definitely try the gluten free cornbread too.

Brunch menu

He went for the baked eggs with roast butternut squash, feta and crispy sage.

Inside M1lk Balham

M1lk Balham Interior

Brunch at M1lk Balham

Order placed and paid for, we distracted our hungry stomach’s with Workshop coffee.

M1lk Balham Coffee

Coffee M1lk Cafe Balham London

Sweetcorn Fritters at M1lk Balham

The food arrived shortly after, and I fell in love as soon as I saw my meal.  Sweetcorn fritters with grilled halloumi, avo, kasundi (a tomato chutney) and lime.

M1lk Cafe Balham Sweetcorn Fritters

It was so delicious, I’m already figuring out when I can return to M1lk so I can devour it a second time.

M1lk Balham food

M1lk Balham Baked Eggs

Baked eggs M1lk Balham

Up close and personal with the baked eggs.

Cornbread M1lk Balham

The cornbread was perfect, we’d ordered a side of vegemite with it, but to be honest it is best eaten on its own.

I have so many more meals to try on the M1lk menu that I plan to head back there very soon.  So should you.  You won’t be disappointed.

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